Watching Porn Can Help Improve Sperm Count

Yes, you read right. Men suffering from low sperm count can resolve these issues by watching porn. Studies have shown that men suffering from low sperm count had a significant improvement in their sperm count when they were exposed to porn than those who were not. Let us look into why men respond better to porn than sexual intercourse.

Why Men Love Porn

Many of us at some point of our lives might have watched porn. It is fun and exciting as you can get to learn a lot of sexual positions and the best ways to please your partner. Men love to indulge in sex with their partners, but it is not that much interesting than masturbation where you get to jerk off seeing pornographic videos.

If you are single, then this is definitely one of the reasons why you love porn. Since you do not have a partner to have sex, you will love the freedom of looking any beautiful girls playing with themselves and indulging in some kinky fun.

While watching porn, you need not have to entice your partner and woo them to have sex with you. You can easily rent a CD or log onto websites and have your fill of exciting videos or movies. You can watch these at your own leisure pace.

How Porn Can Improve Sperm Count

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A study conducted by Professor Leigh Simmons of the Western Australian University has shown that porn has improved sperm count in men. The reason is due to sperm competition. This is a process generally observed in animals where the semen quality increases when the males feel that there is a risk of another male fertilising their females.

Similarly when men watch porn, seeing another male in action triggers their basic instinct of sperm competition allowing them to ejaculate more, resulting in an increase in sperm count. When it comes to low sperm count, there are lot of factors that affect this condition. Porn can be one of the tools to resolve it aside from different medications and treatment depending on tests conducted by doctors.

To test the theory, about 52 heterosexual men roped in for the experiment. These people where shown two images over two days. One image depicted three women, the other two men with a woman. Their sperm samples were taken and tested for the motility, sperm count per millimetre of ejaculate and morphology.

Results showed that men who view the images showing three women had low sperm motility than those who viewed the women with two men.

Adding Spice to Your Love Life with Porn

Porn can act as a great motivator when it comes to improving your sex life. There are a lot of things that you can learn from porn and have the delight of experimenting things with your partner. You can indulge in role playing sex or make use of sex toys to enhance your sex life.

In addition to improving your sperm count, porn also helps to boosting your confidence and ego levels. Bear in mind to take into consideration your partner’s comfort before trying out new positions with her.

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