How Folic Acid Is Useful For Various Treatments?

Folic acid also known as Vitamin B is quite important for metabolism and to produce red blood cells. Usually, it is recommended for pregnant women, as it avoids birth defects in the unborn baby.

Besides that, folic acid is also useful for treating schizophrenia, depression, heart disease, diarrhea and arthrosclerosis. Also, many doctors suggest this vitamin for the treatment of cancer, gout, epilepsy and gingivitis.

Few benefits of consuming Folic Acid

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, folic acid is very useful for pregnant woman and also for women, who are planning to get pregnant as its helps in the development of fetus. It can prevent many different problems during pregnancy, which may create various kinds of complications.

It is not only beneficial for pregnant women, but also very useful for those patients, who are suffering from various heart related ailments. It can prevent the incidence of clots in the arteries. Formation of clot can often be one of the main reasons for heart attack.

In addition to that folic acid is quite useful for treatment of depression. Depression is often caused when the level of homocysteine is increased. Many doctors suggest folic acid while treating the patients of Alzheimer’s disease.

Folic acid is also beneficial in retaining the mental agility and memory, which is exhausted with age. Also, the level of folic acid in blood is associated to mood swings. It is quite helpful in controlling temper.

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Few precautions to be followed while taking folic acid

Regular and uncontrolled consumption of folic acid may cause certain side effects too. If you consume about 5000 mcg to 10000 mcg daily then you are asking for trouble. The safe level of consumption is 400 mcg in a day, but for those women who are attempting to conceive and especially those, who have crossed 35 years of age and were not able to conceive might need a higher dose.

Regular consumption of folic acid as a supplement also helps in the deficiency of Vitamin B12, which is required for treating anemia. However, such patients often fail to notice the signs of permanent nerve damage. The recommended dosage of folic acid for the patients is 400 Mcg. anything more than could have adverse effect on them.

Many doctors prescribe vitamin B12 along with folic acid and other minerals, herbs, vitamins and amino acids.

The side effects of folic acid are very rarely visible unless and until the patient starts consuming high dose. In case, the patient observes any kind of abnormality after consuming folic acid then they must immediately get in touch with the doctor or visit the emergency treatment center.

Allergies caused due to folic acid

There can be a serious allergic reaction after consuming an overdose of folic acid. It may produce itching, rash, swelling and dizziness. Some patients can also experience breathing difficulties. If any of the above symptoms are observed, the patient must immediately visit the doctor.

Women who are pregnant or breast feeding their child must take folic acid after consulting their doctor.

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