What To Check For If He Has Fertility Issues?

Innumerable factors can lead to men’s infertility. No doubt, there have been an ever increasing number of men with fertility issues. Even the studies reveal that almost in 30 percent of those cases where couples are unable to conceive a child, it’s the male who is responsible. However, it’s always advisable not to allege each other for those unsuccessful attempts. Instead, you need to pay a visit to a urologist, find out the issue, and get it resolved.

As far as women are concerned, there can be complexities in determining the cause of your infertility. However, in case of men, it’s much simpler to find out as why she has a lower sperm count, or why his sperm is unable to fertilize the egg? Anyways, you being a good partner can always check for few most probable reasons that might have led to his infertility.

His Family History

As it has been in numerous cases, it might be a possible reason for your partner’s infertility, if his background reveals that other men in his family also have had fertility issues. Yes, infertility can be a genetic issue, but there are alternatives for such cases. Besides, you also need to check his past life too.

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Men, who have had any kind of surgery in their abdominal area or groin area, can be prone to infertility issues. As such surgeries can produce scar tissues, or in many cases these can even damage their reproductive system. Most significantly, you need to check him for primary or secondary infertility. Well, that simply means whether he had fathered any child before in his life or not?

His Lifestyle

Needless to mention, that’s one of the most significant aspects to check for in your partner. Is he into too much of alcohol consumption, smoking, drug abuse, marijuana, etc.? Such toxins, including pesticides, chemotherapy drugs, and many more, can kill his sperm and lead to infertility.

Well, that’s not the end of the checklist. You also need to check if your partner loves to take steroids, for any reason. If that’s the case, you need to reveal him clearly that it can seriously put an end to your dream of parenting a child. Besides, you also need to check him for things like a sauna bath, Jacuzzi, or anything that might have exposed his testicles to a great amount of heat for a prolonged period of time.

His Health

Even if your partner has no such family history, and he is not into substance consumption or other such things, there can be other issues hampering his fertility. Like, for example, his health. Any past illness, such as mumps can shrink your partner’s testicles, and that can slow down his ability to produce sperm. Besides, if he has been taking medications for issues like high blood pressure, ulcer, etc. then those can also be a possible reason for his infertility. These can well decrease the production of sperm in men, or even its ability to fertilize an egg.

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