What Can Be The Biological Reasons Behind Your Infertility?

It’s true that in the present scenario innumerable couples all around the world have been facing issues in conceiving a child. Even after numerous attempts, they may not get the good news. As per Dr. David Guzick, who is the chairman of gynecology and obstetrics at the medical center of Rochester University, about one in every six couples has issues in conceiving. Besides, in one third of the cases, in fact even more than that, it’s the men who are infertile.

This data is quite sufficient to concern most men all across the world. Needless to mention, even men who aren’t aware of this data are concerned about their fertility these days. However, it’s always advisable to get yourself tested by an expert before actually worrying about it. Besides, there are many natural ways to regain your fertility. However, it is quite important to know what actually can be the biological reason when the doctor’s report says that you are infertile.

Three Prerequisites For Fertility

Many of them may consider the low sperm count to be the only factor for infertility. However, there are other determining factors too that affect fertility in men. Indeed, a low sperm count that is the total number of sperm per milliliter of your semen matters. If that is really low, it can be a significant hurdle in letting you to become a father.

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Sperm motility or its ability to move significantly matters a lot. Hence, a healthy sperm can move freely and cover its way to fertilize the woman’s egg. Another equally significant prerequisite for a healthy sperm is that it needs to be in a proper shape. The proper shape of a sperm means, it must have an oval head, and a long whippy tail.

WHO’s Take On Fertility

As per the World Health Organization, the standard criterion for semen to be normal is that it needs to have at least 20 million sperm per milliliter. To add to that at least half of those sperms need to be able to move properly. However, the World Health Organization has never been particular about the number of sperms that need to be in proper shape. Besides, it has also never been able to fix particular cut off points to determine, who is fertile and who is not.

What Do The Data Say?

Dr. David Guzick, along with many other renowned doctors of other universities carried out a study on 756 infertile couples and 696 of those who are happy with their kids at home.

As per the data, men who were fertile had greater than 48 million of sperms per milliliter. Of those, at least 63 percent were moving, and at least 12 percent of those looked normal.

As far as infertile men were concerned, most of them had less than 13.5 million of sperm per milliliter. Among those, less than 32 percent were able to move, and less than 9 percent of those were in proper shape.

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