Unhealthy Lifestyle Hampers Your Fertility

No matter, how hard you try, and how many times you commit yourself to refrain from those unhealthy habits, soon things turn in the same direction. Like those early days, you get too lazy to wake up early morning and go for exercising and yoga. Again, you start enjoying your weekends at the food court with declivous pizzas and burgers. In-fact, gradually you start adopting the same track that you have tried to avoid in order to protect and enhance your fertility.

You are not alone, as most men have this same problem of getting back to those things that once they decided to quit. Beware! You might get into a situation where you would be left with no other option than to just regret everything. Anyways, to let you get back to those consciousness and concern about protecting your fertility, here are a few facts.

Effect Of Soft Drinks Like Cola

It might be shocking for you to know that as per a Danish Study, the sperm count can lower by more than 30 percent if they drink regularly a lot of cola. Similarly, another study was carried out in Denmark to have an idea about the increasing consumption of cola and other soft drinks by young men, and its impact on their reproductive health.

To ensure a clear and precise result of the study, it was in the year 2001 to 2005 that 2,554 young men were chosen who were having their physical examination for military service. All those young men were asked several questions about their lifestyle including their soft drinks’ intake. Finally, their semen samples were collected for analysis.

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All those men with low to moderate cola consumption like up to 14*0.5 liter bottles of cola every week, had normal semen quality in the context of their sperm concentration and total count. However, those with a little higher consumption rate like, more than 14*0.5 liter bottles per week had significantly reduced the sperm count and concentration. Among those, there were almost 93 men, who consumed cola in huge quantities (almost a liter or even more than that every day). Needless to mention, they had immensely low sperm count.

This will give you a clear picture on how harmful it can be to consume cola and other soft drinks on a regular basis.

Less Fruits and Vegetables and More of Those Junk Foods

As already mentioned, the study was based on several questions asked to the candidates on their lifestyle. There were other conclusions also made. For example, men with low sperm concentration preferred more and more junk foods. Green vegetables and fruits have rarely been part of their daily diet.

Too Much Of Alcohol and Substance Consumption

As a matter of fact, this was also among one of the many significant facts that were revealed. Those men with extremely low sperm count were found to be more into alcohol and substance consumption.

It is advisable to avoid the above mentioned things to have a healthy sperm count.

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