The Way Prostate Cancer And Infertility Are Related

Only after numerous studies and researches were carried out in this context, it was concluded that prostate cancer and infertility are two related issues. For all those men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer – you might be unable to have the happy family that you always wished for.

For all those men with low have infertility issues – you might end up with those more aggressive kinds of prostate cancer in your future.

The facts aren’t meant to scare men belonging to either of the two categories. Rather, these are just to make you aware of the possible consequences in the future.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Can Leave You Infertile

When a person is diagnosed with pelvic or genital organ cancer, and has undergone a surgery or other form of treatments for the same, then it could be a threat to his fertility. The radical prostatectomy is a surgery done to cure prostate cancer and it is quite effective in getting rid of this deadly ailment. However, it can enhance the chances of erectile dysfunctions to as high as 80 percent.

Even chemotherapy, yet another effective treatment for prostate cancer, can leave a man infertile. However, that can be either temporary or permanent depending on factors like a man’s age, his overall health, and even on the types of drugs he has been furnished with for chemotherapy. Radiation therapy too has a reputation of interfering with the patient’s fertility. However, the determining factor here is the doses that have been administered.

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Yet another, but a little safer option is the hormone shots that most men usually prefer for getting their prostate cancer treated. Yes, there are chances of infertility issues here too, but then you will regain your fertility as soon as the treatment is over.

Hence, to all those patients like you who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer it’s advisable to know about these risks. Besides, you may always take your doctor’s advice on the same, and know the ways to avoid these or minimize their effects.

Infertility Can Lead To Prostate Cancer

This can be yet another shocking fact for most of you infertile men. As per a recent study, all those infertile men who in the future developed prostate cancer were around 200 percent more likely to deal with higher consequences of prostate cancer in the future. Its proven that prostate cancer in infertile men develop and grow at a much greater rate than as compared to fertile men.

Why Is Infertility Relevant to Prostate Cancer

Now, you might be wondering why and how is the issue of infertility relevant to prostate cancer. Hence, for a clearer understanding, you need to know the simple reason behind it. Your body cells, as you already know, have a tendency to grow and multiply in number.

Now, men with issues of infertility have problems in repairing those DNA errors, which can later result in health issues including cancer. Hence, it’s always advisable that sperm from infertile men needn’t ever be considered for IVF treatment.

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