How Obesity Can Lead To Infertility In Men?

For long, experts have been revealing things that have adverse impact on men’s fertility. Quite new, yet one of the most legitimate findings in this context, is that obesity can have a negative impact on one’s sperm count and hence on his fertility.

After innumerable studies were carried out, and people were surveyed, it has been revealed that as compared to those lean men, obese men usually have lower sperm count. Now, this might come as a shock to all you men with high Body Mass Index. However, most significantly the fact needs to be taken as one of the primary reasons to effort for losing your body weight.

Studies conducted at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, in the United States clearly reveal that men with high BMI are always more likely to have infertility issues than men with normal body weight.

The studies even put in into a specific data, by suggesting that almost 20 pound increase in a man’s body weight can enhance his chance of infertility by 10 percent. Now, with all such conclusions, you might be wondering how obesity has such an impact on a man’s fertility.

Several Alterations

Obese people often deal with numerous alterations like in their sleep behaviors, hormonal profiles, sexual behaviors, etc. When these aspects are not balanced in one’s life, chances are high that he would deal with infertility issues.

As a matter of fact, obese people also need to deal with yet another common problem of high scrotal temperatures. Needless to mention, high temperatures of the scrotum can significantly hamper one’s sperm production and the total sperm count.

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Hormonal Irregularities

It might be surprising for you to know that excess body fat can lead to conversion of male hormone testosterone into estrogen. Now, this more than normal level of estrogen can significantly change the makeup of sperm, leading to decreased testicle stimulations and infertility.

Researchers from the renowned Reproductive Biology Associates reported that a significantly high Body Mass Index or BMI can reduce testosterone in a male’s body. In their study, they found that overweight men can have reduced levels of testosterone, by almost 24 percent as compared to normal men. To add to that, obese men can have the level reduced by almost 26 percent.

Above all, excess body fats have a significant impact on production of the Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone or the GnRH. The hormone is very essential for the production of sperm in men. Besides, GnRH also triggers the release of the Luteinizing Hormone or LH and follicle stimulating hormone of FSH.

Diabetes and Decrease In Fertility

As per the data, around 80 percent of men who have been suffering from type 2 Diabetes are obese. This makes it quite evident that obesity can be one of the primary reasons for Diabetes. Anyways, what’s more significant is the insulin resistance that can inhibit the development of sperm.

No wonder, obese and diabetic people have always been prone to infertility issues. Besides, an enhanced level of insulin also inhibits sBGH in the liver, and that can significantly lead to an increment in the estrogen level.

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