Did You Know That Men Too Lose Their Fertility As They Age?

They say it’s better and advisable for any woman to conceive a child while she is still in her age of fertility. By this age of fertility they mean from the age of 18 to their 30’s. After that, their fertility starts running out, and by the time they are in their 40’s, they are no more fertile, which means they are unable to conceive a child.

Men, on the other hand, never had such things to be concerned about, until the last few decades. In fact, man (of any age) has always considered himself fertile enough to impregnate a lady. However, what the researchers and their findings reveal today, are a bit different. No doubt, men aren’t dealing with menopause or declining egg quality, with their age. Yet, they too start losing their fertility once they have reached their 40’s.

This might come as a shock to you, yet you need to know the fact that your attempts to impregnate a lady might fail once you are ‘old-enough’. One of the studies conducted at the California University, Berkeley, proved this fact that as men age they start losing their fertility. It inspected the sperm of around 100 men, between the age of 22 and 80. Finally, it concluded that with every passing year, men’s sperm function including motility starts slowing down by 0.7 percent. Hence, by the age of 60, their sperm is considered as abnormal. Now, you might be wondering what factors lead to this great decline in men’s fertility with age.

DNA Fragmentation And Accumulation

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As per a recent study, involving 2000 couples, with aging the DNA of men’s sperm start fragmenting. This finally leads to infertility. Besides, there is also an increase in those broken DNA strands in their sperm. Hence, with every passing year these damages enhance and start getting accumulated. Besides infertility, there are also enhanced chances of genetic abnormalities in their babies. As per the data, the gene marker in men’s sperm for dwarfism is enhanced by almost 2 percent every year.

Toxin Lead Traces

In a study, as per BBC reports, men with issues of infertility were reported with high content of toxin lead in their blood. Yes, that became a matter of concern, since it was discovered that traces of lead can pose a hurdle in the normal functionality of sperm. Besides, these can also prevent it from fertilizing an egg.

Above all, the most surprising thing that was revealed in the study was the reason behind the traces of lead in the men’s blood. No, it wasn’t because of any occupational hazard, and they didn’t absorb it from their workplace. It was due to excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and lack of exercises.

Improper Diet And Lifestyle Leading To Hormonal Insufficiency, Testicle Disorder Etc.

Needless to mention, improper diet and lifestyle has always been a significant cause for fertility issues in men. It leads to hormonal insufficiency, and sperm or testicle’s disorder in men. Now, you know how important it is to eat healthy, and have a healthy lifestyle.

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