Beware! Even Your Workplace Can Be Dangerous To Your Fertility

All of us are aware that our lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, harmful addictions etc. can be a threat to our fertility. Besides, many of them must have started taking care in this context so as to protect and enhance their fertility. However, did you know that even your workplace can be dangerous to your fertility?


BPA or bisphenol A, commonly used to strengthen plastics and make resins, is found in numerous products of daily use like eyeglasses, dental sealants, the linings of metal food container, plastic bottles etc. Hence, if you have been working in any of these manufacturing sectors for long, chances are high that it might have been affecting your sperm count.

You might be surprised to know that Canada published an order to enlist BPA in its list of extremely toxic substances. Yet another significant and most noticeable thing in this context is the first human study that was carried out in relevance to poor semen quality.

The study involved 130 Chinese factory workers, who worked directly with many materials containing BPA, and so they were highly exposed to this toxic plastic chemical. It also involved 88 other workers, who were not exposed to the chemical to that level as they didn’t handle it much.

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All those 130 Chinese workers were reported with detectable levels of BPA in their urine, and shockingly with poor quality semen because of low sperm count. Among them, the man with highest content of disphenol A in his urine had the lowest sperm count. Those 130 workers had two to four times more prevalent poorer sperm quality than the other 88 men, who were with relatively low exposure to this toxic chemical. The Even more surprising fact is that many studies in animals have reported this chemical as the responsible factor for reproductive problems and also for cancer in them.

X-rays Or Other Radiations

Even these radiations can reduce your sperm count. Although, it is usually a temporary effect, and your sperm count would return back to the original level, yet high dosages of these radiations can result in permanent sterility.

Hence, if such radiations are common things at your place, you might need to get yourself checked for your sperm count. Besides, these radiations itself are the reason that people are advised not to carry their cellphones in their front pocket.

Lead or Other Heavy Metals

This has always been a significant cause of infertility in men. Men working in such industries have always been reported with low sperm count and difficulties in impregnating their partners.

Of course, you can’t do much in this context, as these are just inseparable part of your daily work-life. However, you may always follow the precautions and ways to minimize their effects. Many of the industry owners themselves provide the workers in such heavy metals industries with effective measures to protect them from the exposure. Besides, you may always try to minimize the exposure to such heavy metals as much as possible. Hence, you can help yourself with a little concern about your own-self.

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