Use Of Water Based Lubricants And Their Effect On Infertility

If you and your partner are planning to have a baby, then there are many things that need to be kept in mind. Vaginal dryness is a common problem faced by many women, as a result of which a number of couples are using lubricant to cope up with this problem. You may wonder what could be the relation between lubricant and its effect on male and female infertility. Let us find out what and how it impacts normal fertility of a couple.

Relation between lubricant and male infertility

People who use these lubricants to relieve vaginal dryness may fail to realize that they may cause infertility problems. These lubs affect the sperms in many ways. Common problems are low count of sperm, decreased sperm mobility and sperm health. Lubricants change the vaginal environment and allow the conception to take place, but they are associated with male infertility issues.

How Lubricants Affect the Health of Sperms?

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Sperm health is affected by the pH value. According to the WHO, the optimum pH value required for sperm mobility is between 7.0 and 8.5. Vaginal lubricants often contain pH value of less than 7 or sometime half of it, which results in the death of sperms. They inhibit sperm mobility by 60 to 100 percent within an hour.

However, many people under the impression that a lubricant is safe since it water based and free of spermicides. Most of the water based lubricants contain glycerin and propylene glycol, which have negative effects on the health of sperm. This may result in irreversible and permanent damage in sperm mobility.

Natural Lubricants as substitute of water based lubricants:

To increase the sperm mobility and chances of getting pregnant, vaginally produced lubricants are used, which are alternative to water based lubricants. These lubricants may take extra time to stimulate the area before intercourse and make it sufficiently moist for penetration. Other less harmful options are warm water, canola oil, uncooked egg white and mineral oil.

The vaginal dryness increases due to not having regular intercourse and stress of not getting pregnant. Also, those women, who take fertility medication, have vaginal dryness and face discomfort most of the time. In short it is a side effect of fertility drugs. Generally, couples do not realize that lubricants for dryness are only adding to their infertility problem.

Natural lubricants are good alternative and they come with their own risks. Risks associated with these natural lubricants are infections and severe allergic reactions. If you and your partner are not interested in using sperm friendly products, you will need to rely on your body’s natural lubricant. This means you need to spend more time on foreplay. Try having pleasant and stress free intercourse. Enjoy your time in bed with your partner. For couples who are trying to conceive should remember that lubricants which are non spermicidal can reduce the functioning of sperms. For infertile couples PreSeed is a promising treatment for vaginal dryness. In the nutshell, opt for safe products and be healthy.

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