Prostate Cancer And Male Infertility – Tips To Deal With It

Prostate cancer has become one of the most common life threatening medical problems in men. Latest studies have reported that one out of every six men of the United States are diagnosed with cancer. Different types of therapies are introduced to treat the problem, including brachtherapy and internal radiation therapy.

Why does prostate cancer cause potency issues?

Sperms are produced in a region called seminiferous tubes, inside the male body. Further, it is transported to other organ epididymis, which is located adjacent to testicides. This organ is responsible for the mobility and fertilizing capacity of sperms. During ejaculation, these sperms are expelled from a muscular duct into the urethra.

Besides containing fluid and sperms, the seminal fluid comprises of secretions from seminal vesicles and prostate. Prostate gland contributes more than 60% of the total fluid volume of the ejaculated semen. It is primarily used to supply nutrients to seminal fluid. Cancer in prostate glands could lead to infertility in males.

How is prostate related to infertility in males?

Under this treatment, radioactive beads are used to target specific cancer cells. The treatment has shown positive results on men. However, these treatments might cause some side effects. Although men over the age of 60 preserve their fertility, younger males may have problem to conceive their partner. Many times the stage of the problem determines if you will suffer from the cancer.

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Inability to achieve stronger erection is one of the most important side effects of radiation seeding. During radiation therapy, nerves inside the men’s pelvis are damaged, which further cause potency issues. However, with the passage of time and proper treatment, you could heal this disorder.

Tips that may help you to conceive even after the treatment

Men experience certain changes in their prostate glands, which in turn affect the semen. It has been proved that males who undergo brachtherapy produce comparatively low sperms during ejaculation. Under such situations, men could bank their sperms prior to the cancer therapy. In this way, they could easily expand their family with no adverse consequences.

Such men could benefit from a new concept electro- ejaculation which induces ejaculation. Under this treatment, men who do not have any sperms in their ejaculate could generate sperms through testes. Success rate of this technique is about 60%.

Dealing with infertility is a cruel experience for every of ay one’s life. Now, with the advancement of technology, you could conceive artificially.

You could have a surrogate child. Although it is complicated experience, it has about 100% of success rate. Many infertile couples have been able to live a healthy life ahead. Make sure that you find a trustable and good surrogate mother.

Emotional support of the family is necessary in these situations. You could make your loved ones aware about the helpful methods to conceive. You could take the help of internet, your doctor and books to make them understand better. Make sure that you never lose your hope and patience. There may be some perfect way to conceive for you.

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