Infertility Among Men –All You Need To Know

Infertility has not only affected the lives of women, but men as well. We all know how difficult it is to digest the fact that you both cannot become parents. According to the latest statistics, one out of every 5 US families could not expand their families due to infertility. In this article, you will get to know how human fertilize, reason behind infertility, and tips to deal with impotency.

Things you –need –to know about human fertilization

Scientists have discovered new reasons that reasons that might change our concepts about human fertilization. According to the famous scientists of the University of Brookland, a sperm produces a DNA code that could be read by no one other than egg of same species. Egg parses the script further to unlock this code. Besides enabling fertilization, it has been effective to produce its unique genetic identity.

What are the reasons behind impotency?

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Scientists have tried to understand the reason why healthy males are unable to conceive. We know that DNA strand that is contained in sperm cell is more than a meter long. Hence, it is wounded tightly inside the cell so that it fits well.

In case, the DNA is packed a little loosely, it becomes vulnerable to toxins present in the environment. As a result, it could affect male potency. Toxins could be anything like cigarette, anti cancer drugs or smog. These toxins are capable of causing genetic damage.

There are different causes of male infertility. It could be inherited. In case you have the genetic cause of infertility, the problem may pass on to your son. However, he may be able to father a child with newer artificial methods of infertility.

Those whose hormones are not in balance could experience this disorder too. It could be due to side effects of cancer treatment. Some diseases including tuberculosis, mumps, orchitis, diabetes etc could cause this disorder. Other important reason is exposure to pesticides, microwave, and heat.

Those who are exposed more to the environmental hazards like paint, lead, radio wave etc are at a higher risk of infertility. Deficiency of Vitamin C and D in males’ diet could be a reason for impotency. Besides this, tight undergarments increase the scrotal temperature of their body which in turns affects their potential to conceive. Moreover, those who consume tobacco or alcohol are at a high risk of infertility.

Tips to live a healthy life ahead

There are various bad habits that could decrease your fertility power. Exercising too much or in the wrong manner could affect your chances of conceiving. Besides this, you could avoid wearing tight clothes while exercising. Do not use laptops in excess on your lap, as it could cause sperm damage. Following a healthy lifestyle will help you to expand your family. So, you could make a fresh start from today onwards. Quit alcohol, smoking and other negative habits and help yourself.

More than 2/3 rd of people who wish to conceive has been successful. Don’t lose your hope rather explore things positively.

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