Volume Pills And Other Natural Ways – For Enhanced Sperm Counts And Great Sex Life

It’s for two primary reasons that numerous men across the globe have always been seeking for enhancements in their sperm count, and hence in their total ejaculate volume. The first one, being a bit more indispensable for many of them, is their infertility.

However, for the other reason that have also contributed for the ‘sperm count race’, is a wish to attain and furnish more pleasure with more ejaculation, each time a man performs in the bedroom. Truly, who won’t wish to wish to have more of such pleasurable moments?

You may have always relied on only the effective volume pills to enhance your ejaculate with greater sperms. No doubt that’s truly a greatly reliable, safe, completely natural, and most significantly highly effective way for the purpose. However, there few other natural ways too that can well effectively enhance your sperm volume, and hence can furnish you with more contenting and pleasurable sex life ever.

Your diet

Of course, altering your daily eating habits needs to be the very first concern in this context. Foods that highly contain fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and proteins, aren’t only a contributor to your good health, but are also a great booster of your sperm count and a happy sex life.

Fast foods, caffeine, alcoholic drinks, spicy and bitter tasting foods are the ones to abstain from. Not to mention, drinking plenty of water, can always have a great impact in any bodily functionality of yours, with fertility being no among the exceptions.

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Smoking and alcoholism aren’t only a threat to your overall health, but significantly these also can well make you less fertile and less desiring.

Avoiding Too Much Sex or Self Pleasure

Every time you have sex or you masturbate, you use your sexual resources, sperm count being the most leading of those. So, does that mean to completely refrain from these pleasures, in an approach to raise your sperm level? Absolutely not, you merely need to put a hold of a week interval, or at least a gap of three days, if you find it’s tough to resist. That way, you will be providing ample of time for sperm productions.


Daily exercise, aren’t only an efficient approach to a good healthy. Besides, these also have a great deal with your fertility and your sexual pleasures. By losing all your abdominal fat, and by improving your blood circulations all over your body with exercises and meditation, you may do a great favor to yourself with your enhanced sperm count.

Effective Pills

After all the researches were made by them, about the threats and favors to a great sperm count and fertility, they finally came up with the most effective approach to fertility with volume pills. These natural pills, with their main content as the natural herbs, can effectively enhance the pleasure you attain with each ejaculations, the number of times you ejaculate, and your efficiency in impregnating your woman.

Besides, volume pills also have a great reputation as your sexual stamina enhancer, and as a potential contributor to your quality erections.

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