Five Important Workouts For Your Upper Back Development

Most of the bodybuilders and weight lifters spend lots of their time exercising in the gym in order to develop good biceps, pecs and delts and try to achieve a perfect body. However, those who are serious about body building exercise understand very well the importance of their back development. You will certainly look more sturdy and big if you can develop a strong upper back.

Following are 5 important workouts, which are meant for upper back development.

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  1. Chin Ups/Pull ups – If you want to make overall improvements in your upper body and also develop very wide lat then pull ups will be the best workout for you. By doing pull down you can get good results, but according to expert opinion one must focus on pull ups for the initial few years of the workout. This will give lots of strength to your upper back. Pull ups can be done in many different ways. You can discuss with your trainer regarding this, who can help you to do this exercise. You must try various ways to get the best results from your workout.
  2. Barbell Rows – People can do rowing motion in the gym in many ways. However, barbell rowing is considered to be one among the best rowing movement. With this movement you can use lots of extra weight while maintaining yourself in acceptable form. You can also improve your bench press strength. Perform this exercise under the strict observation of your personal trainer to get best out of this workout.
  3. Dumbbell Rows – Like barbell rows dumbbell rows are considered to be equally effective for many people. In this type of exercise you have to use your single hand while the other hand can be used for balancing yourself. You can also increase the weight in order to increase the difficulty level. While doing this exercise you must discuss with your trainer, who can offer you the best suggestion as per your present status of the body strength.
  4. Pull downs with close grip – You can also add cable pull downs in your workout schedule and you will certainly get lots of advantages. In case you are too tired after doing pull ups then you must add this exercise in your routine. Many body builders get lots of benefits with this exercise. You can consult a trainer, who can help you to do the pull down exercise in a number of ways, so that you can get better results from your workout.
  5. Dead lifts - Dead lift is considered to be one among the best exercises for the development of your back. This exercise is also useful for the development of your total body structure. There are various ways to perform this exercise. You can handle the maximum amount of weight during this workout. However, it is important that you must increase your weight gradually after getting used to it. Your trainer can certainly guide you to do this in a proper manner.

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