Right Way To Do Dumbbell Chest Press Workout

There are many types of workout, which you can do if you wish to maintain your body. If you want to concentrate more on your upper, lower as well as inner chest, doing dumbbell exercise would be very helpful. It is considered as an effective way by which you can build and tone your body muscles.

In this form of workout you are using two dumbbells one in the right hand and the other in the left hand. This puts an equal and balanced pressure on both sides. By doing this workout you will be able to develop the muscles of both the hands proportionately. It also helps in building muscles faster as compared to other forms of work out. Dumbbell chest is mostly done by weight lifters and is their favorite form of exercise.

Builds shoulders and chest muscles

Dumbbell workout is the best form of exercise if you wish to build strong chest as well as shoulder muscles. If you are suffering from any type of back, shoulder or elbow pain it is better to limit the motion of your workout. Try to do slightly lower lifts using dumbbells. Do only a few inches of dumbbell lift, so that any sort of overstraining can be avoided.

Do it carefully

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Lie on a bench, which is comfortable enough. Hold dumbbell in both the hands and your feet should be touching the ground. If you don’t wish to put your feet on the ground you can place them on a bench. Position your feet and make them comfortable enough to perform the workout.

Now, try to push both the dumbbells in the upward direction, so that both your arms are right above your shoulders. The palms should always be facing in the upward direction. Pull your abdomen in and try to tilt your chin towards the chest. Slightly bring both your arms down and to the side. Try to bring it down until the elbows are under the shoulders.

After this try to push it back again in the upward direction. If you are a beginner try to do it for 4 to 5 times. After you understand the way it is performed slowly you can increase the number. Initially, try to do it twice a week and after some months you can increase the number of days a week.

Gym and internet

You can join the gym and learn the exercise from a good trainer. The trainer will help you and make you do the workout in the right manner. Choose a gym, which has an experienced trainer. You can also learn and do it at home with the help of internet. Read and follow the steps mentioned on the site in order to do it properly.

If you are not able to understand any step of the workout then you can call the trainer and clear your doubt. You can also send an email so that you get full clarification. Stay fit by indulging yourself in Dumbbell Chest Press Workout.

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