Hiking Is The Best Way To Keep Yourself Fit

There are many forms of exercises, which you can do in order to be fit and healthy. You can go for cycling or walking daily to keep yourself fit and in proper shape. It is necessary to get yourself engaged in some form of activity or exercise to maintain yourself.

Before you engage in the activity of hiking it is necessary to get back in shape, as you need to climb the mountains and do a lot of walking. Hence, body weight should be normal. If your weight is normal climbing and walking becomes much easier. If you are on the heavier side, it is better to reduce your weight and then plan for a hiking trip.

Suitable season for hiking

This activity can be done in the summer as well as in winter. It is advisable to go for hiking in warm weather, as it would be really enjoyable. If you plan this activity in winter you will have to carry a lot of clothes with you and in the summer season you need to take sufficient water, as you may feel thirsty frequently.

Shoes for hiking

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The shoes you need for hiking are different as compared to the ordinary shoes. These shoes are stiffer and are designed exclusively for this activity. Firmness is the most important thing in these shoes. The best shoes will protect your feet from rocks and will provide you with maximum foot stability. Always choose to put on shoes, which are designed for hiking.

The equipments needed for this activity

Before you go for hiking make sure that you have made proper arrangements. Walking pole is quite useful and will help you when hiking involves more climbing. A good walking pole will be one, which has a comfortable grip and shock absorption system. These poles are also available in adjustable heights.

Use a simple backpack across your waist, if you are planning for 3 to 4 hours hiking. You can put all the necessary things in the bag that you require during hiking. You can carry a small water bottle, extra pair of glasses and gloves etc.

If you are planning to go for longer hikes it is important to carry slightly bigger backpack. Put all the stuff in it such as an extra pair of socks, water bottle, eatables, extra glasses, handkerchiefs, sunscreen, a cell phone or a GPS, compass or a map, rain gear, first aid box etc. Do not forget to use sufficient bug spray in order to protect yourself from bug biting. Try to start your hike early in the morning, as lightning storms and rain usually hit the peak during early to mid-afternoon.

It is also essential to plan your route before hiking. You can take the help of maps while scheduling your itinerary. If you are planning to go on long hikes it is better to decide on the resting time as well as lunch breaks well in advance. Always check for weather reports so that you are aware about the weather conditions for that day.

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