High Low Impact Aerobics - Faster Way To Burn Your Body Fat

Aerobic exercises are the best way to increase your heart rate. If you involve in high low impact aerobics there will be an increase in your heart rate at about 65% to 80%. This maximum heart rate remains for at least 15 minutes. You will be more comfortable doing it if you are fit.

If you are on top form, you will be able to work out without getting breathless. Basically, there are two types of exercises, the first one is the low impact exercise and the second one is a high impact workout. You can choose either one depending on your comfort and liking.

Low impact aerobics

There are many aerobics, which fall under the category of low impact and they are as below:

Walking is one form of low impact aerobics. You do not need to spend any money if you wish to go do this form of exercise. You just need a good pair of shoes, which are comfortable and provide you better support while you are walking. You can choose a garden or a serene location for this activity.

If you wish to do exercise indoors you need to buy a treadmill of reputed brands. You need to walk long distances if you wish to lose weight quickly.

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Step aerobics is another form of aerobics, which involves rhythmic activity. Bicycling is also good for building leg muscles. It can be done in two ways. You can purchase a stationary bicycle if you wish to do exercises at home. In case you want to go out for cycling it is better to have a friend accompany you.

Water aerobics and swimming are also good way to exercise as it increases the heart rate. Any exercise or activity, which is done in the water, obviously burns more calories as compared to the ones done on land.

High impact aerobics

Running, aerobic dance and rope jumping are some of the aerobics, which come under the category of high impact aerobics. In the beginning, you need to do it for about twenty to twenty five minutes, twice or thrice a week. You can increase the number of days as well as the duration after a few months. Both men and women can perform this form of aerobics.

Benefits of high and low impact aerobics

If done on a regular basis and properly it helps in strengthening the muscles. It also increases the fitness level and stamina of the person. By doing these aerobics, vital hormones and chemicals are released in the body and these have a beneficial effect on your mind and body.

Do not be in haste and take proper and required precautions while doing these exercises. Enjoy your workout and achieve the much needed fitness. A healthy and fit body will also increase your confidence level and you will be more lively and happy. If you face any problem while doing it, it is advisable to consult the doctor and get suitable advice from him/her.

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