Helpful Tips For Doing Back Extensions

If you wish to have that perfect body and want to look slimmer and younger, you should regularly do some exercise. There are many forms of workouts, which are good for your body. If you wish to concentrate more on your back, back extension would be great and will really help you.

It helps in strengthening the muscles, which runs along the spine. By doing this you will be able to stand straight and your posture will definitely improve. Moreover, it will also improve mobility as well as flexibility in the upper back and middle back.

Sun salutation

People in any age group can do this exercise comfortably. You need to simply interlock both your thumbs. Stretch your arms and raise it overhead. Your ears must be between both your elbows.

While inhaling you should tighten your thighs, hips as well as buttocks in order to protect your entire lower back and while exhaling try to maintain the same position. You can also raise your eyes and view the ceiling without moving your head.

Back exercise is vital as whatever activity you are performing back muscles play an important role. Thus, in order to remain fit and fine concentrate on making your back muscles stronger. If you are not able to do it properly you can also hire a trainer, who will guide you in the right direction. If you have enough time then you can join a good gym and learn all the exercise related to back.

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Helpful in strengthening your back muscles

Back extensions play an important role in building the back muscles. If you have any sort of a lower back problem, it is advisable to take extra caution. Start the exercise by lying straight on your stomach. Your arms should be straight above your head and face down. Legs should be stretched straight with palms down.

Try to pull the abs in, so that a space is created between the floor and your stomach. This will build your stomach muscles as well. Now, lift your right leg and left arm almost one inch from the floor. You need to stretch them as much as possible. Hold in this position for a few seconds and then lower the left arm as well as the right leg.

The whole thing should be repeated with left leg and right arm. Try to do it four to five times. After, you are comfortable doing it you can slowly increase from four or five to nine or ten. Repeat it daily in order to see faster and better results. Try to do the whole exercise on a comfortable cotton mate.

Ball Back Extension

A huge plastic exercise ball, also known as a physioball is used in this workout. To start with, kneel on the ball with both your hands placed behind the head. Now, lean in the forward direction and stretch the body, so that your torso rests against the physioball and you can firmly balance on your toes.

Ensure that your spine is straight starting from the tailbone to the neck. Raise the chest a few inches upward. Hold in this position and then gradually lower the back. Cross your arms over the chest and pull in your abs. Lower the upper body by bending forward, using the lower back, raise back up, so that the body is parallel to the ground.

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