Excellent Way To Burn Fat – One Arm Dumbbell Row

There is no doubt about it that dumbbell training is an excellent form of workout that improves your fitness. Not only this, it also helps in building an athletic body and burn excess body fat. If you are doing your workout using dumbbell, it is very effective and you will see well toned muscles within a few months. So, if you are the one who desire to have a great body by burning fat doing one arm dumbbell row is a must.

How to perform one arm dumbbell row?

Strengthen and develop your shoulders as well as biceps by doing this training in a proper manner. If you are suffering from any sort of pain related to the neck, back or shoulders do the dumbbell exercise carefully. You can even consult a doctor before doing this work out in order to avoid any sort of problem. It is better to do this workout under the proper guidance of a trainer.

Start doing the exercise by standing to the right side of weight bench. Hold a dumbbell in the right hand and your palm should be facing in the inward direction. Now, put your left hand and left knee on the bench for proper support. Put your right arm down in which you are holding the dumbbell. Gradually pull the abdomen in and try to bend forward in such a way that your back is parallel to the ground. The right knee should be bent slightly. The neck should be in line with the spine so tilt your chin accordingly.

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Pull your right hand in the upward direction and stop where the elbow is pointing towards the ceiling. The upper arm should be parallel to the ground. Now, slowly lower your right hand down. This completes the workout with right hand. Now, perform the whole exercise with the left hand.

Don’t overdo this workout

First learn the proper way of doing it and for few months try to do it twice a week. Once you are comfortable doing it, you can increase the number of days in a week. You can start doing it thrice a week. Slowly you can increase the number to four and so on. Start with dumbbells which are lighter in weight. After you are comfortable you can use a heavier dumbbell.

There are various dumbbells sold in the market. You can buy dumbbells of various weights. The finishing and the quality of the dumbbells should be good. Do not compromise on the quality for the sake of money. Always wear a good pair of shoes while doing the exercise. If you are wearing the right shoes you will surely enjoy doing the training.

Home or Gym: do it anywhere

This workout can be done at home. The only thing you require is dumbbells and a bench. The bench should not be slippery. If it is slippery, you will not be able to the exercise properly. If you are doing this workout at home you can select any room of your choice. The other option is to join a good gym.

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