Dumbbell Shoulder Press – The Best Exercise To Build Your Muscles

There are numerous ways through which you can strengthen the muscles in the upper part of the body. This is the best form of exercise and is very effective if you wish to build body muscles properly. Dumbbell shoulder press is also helpful and a great form of workout for toning and building the upper part of the body. You will definitely see better and well toned muscles only after few months of doing it.

Better than Barbell

The dumbbell is better when compared to the barbell. In barbell you have to lift the weight with the help of both your arms. So, if one portion of your body is weak then the pressure will be more on the other portion, which is stronger. This will definitely create a muscle imbalance. This is not the case, when you are performing the exercise using dumbbell.

In dumbbell, you will be using both your hands. You will be lifting one dumbbell with the right hand and the other dumbbell with the left hand. As a result you will be building and toning muscles of both the sides equally.

Buy the best dumbbells

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There are many types of dumbbells sold in the market. You can choose the one which you feel is comfortable. Look for various types of dumbbells sold in the market before buying it. You can also purchase it through the internet, if you are able to find the right one. Always buy dumbbells in two pairs as you can use the other one if one pair is lost or damaged.

Way to perform Dumbbell shoulder press properly

This workout targets basically your shoulders and places emphasis on upper back and triceps. Due care should be taken if you are suffering from any sort of neck, elbow or back problems. Hold the dumbbell one in each hand. Sit on a comfortable bench or chair which has a good support. Once you sit, place your feet about an inch apart on the ground.

Bend both your elbows and try to raise your upper arms at the height of your shoulder. Both the dumbbells should be at the level of your ears. Try to pull your abdomen inwards creating a space between the bench and your back. Position your head properly so that you can perform the workout properly.

Pull both the dumbbells in the upward direction until both the inside ends touch each other slightly. The ends must meet above your head. After this, lower both the dumbbells from where you started i.e. near the ears. Repeat the whole exercise for about five to six times. Don’t skip the work out and try to do the exercise twice or thrice a week for a few months.

Choose the dumbbells of appropriate weight. If you have just started doing it, then start by using light weight and then slowly switch over to heavier weight dumbbells. Follow the correct technique in order to get better results. You can even stand and do this workout if you don’t feel comfortable to do it in a sitting position.

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