Build Calves Muscles By Doing Standing Calf Raise

The calves are considered as the hardest muscle group. It is really hard to build those muscles, but if you follow the proper method you can do it with great ease and build those muscles. Some are blessed with big calves while some have to workout in order to get those toned and well build calves.

Perform it at home

You can easily perform calf exercise at home. Relax and stand on the rim or edge of the step. Your abdomen should be pulled inside and the balls of both your feet should be firmly placed on the step. Both your heels should be hanging freely over the edge. Both your hands should be resting on walls or against any steady object. This will give the required support to perform the exercise properly.

Now, slowly try to raise both your heels above the rim of the step. Do it in a way that you are on your tiptoes. You should hold this position for a few seconds and then lower both your heels as low as you can. This will stretch the muscles of the calf and put pressure on it.

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Perform it in the gym

If you have enough time you can join a gym. If you are not able to understand the way it is done, then it is better that you join a good gym. You can also watch other people doing this workout in the gym. You will learn much better and faster, when you watch them doing it. Once you learn the technique of doing the exercise, you can start doing it at home.

Calf Exercise Program

It is not easy to get that great looking calf only in a few days or weeks. You will have to really work hard and concentrate on your training regime. Don’t overdo it and try to keep at least a day off so that you can get some rest. Make a timetable and select the best place where you wish to do it. This form of workout can be done by both men as well as women, who want to get a great looking body.

Many people perform calf exercise and build strong and toned calf muscles. This exercise can be done in two ways one is the standing calf exercise and the other is seated calf exercise. Standing calf exercise is mostly preferred by many people as it stretches the muscles more as compared to the seated calf exercise. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and start doing this workout to achieve that well shaped body.

You can also learn to do this exercise, by watching the video uploaded on the internet, in case you are not able to join a gym. Don’t be in haste while doing this exercise. Do it slowly and in a controlled manner. You can also listen to light music and enjoy doing this exercise. With regular practice, you can achieve well toned calves without any difficulty.

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