Useful Tips For Developing And Enhancing Seductions Skills

How do you think you can turn on a woman? Well, if you ask this question to any guy you will just get those typical answers, which will have no great techniques involved in them. However, enhancing your seduction skill is not that difficult, but definitely you need to be more patient and also avoid things that are distracting you from learning what is correct and useful.

Don’t consider cuddling as the first step of turning on a woman:

Most of us think that by making a little physical contact we will be successful in turning on a woman and that’s an ultimate technique that works fast. Well, to your disappointment, it is completely wrong.

First of all, clear your mind and try to understand that cuddling has nothing to do with seducing a woman. Also, doing things hastily will not help. To turn on a woman, you need to be patient and think and design the entire situation in your mind. Below are 2 most useful tips, go through them as it will definitely work.

Tips to Improve Seduction Skills

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1. Make proper eye contact:

This trick never fails. The eyes are the only thing using which you can contact someone on a spiritual level. Sex is definitely one of those spiritual things. Once you make a proper eye contact with her understand that you have good scopes of taking things further.

Now, here’s what you have to do. Just before you have to separate make an eye contact with her say for about 4 to 5 seconds. If there is any chemistry, she will definitely connect back. After that first gaze, look down immediately and laugh quietly. Repeat the action and check if she is replying back or holding longer than 5 seconds. If she does, slowly and gradually move for a kiss.

2. Gradually move your hand from her knee to thigh:

After accomplishing the first step, this is what you have to do next. While you are sitting down and kissing move your hand slowing from her knees towards her thighs. Work on this in a real slow manner. Once you are there, move your hand further down towards her inner thigh and see if she is comfortable with the action.

Here, it is very important for you to understand that you just cannot start the move from her thighs. It is really important that you gradually move towards her thighs from her knees. This will make her feel that you are going on with the kiss and the situation and nothing is actually planned. Once your hand is on her inner thigh, you can be assured that the ball is in your court. If you are in a suitable location to go further and have sex, do it. By now, she is aroused to do things as per your commands.


The next step is completely in your hands. You can play the game further or can choose to take a step back.

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