Tips To Settle Down Arguments And Disagreements In A Relationship

Conflicts and disagreements are part of any relationship. In general, conflicts arise due to miscommunication. Once the argument is triggered, the only motive is to win the argument and not resolve the issue. This is very harmful for a relationship, because in the fight for winning the argument we are hardly concerned for the next person and now we are concentrating on what they are speaking. It is necessary for us to understand that in an argument we just cannot be judgmental. Instead, we have to keep a broad outlook and discuss the issue keeping the right tone and language. Once you understand the problem, resolving it will become easy and there are several ways in which you can resolve the issue.

Below there are some simple points and tips discussed. By knowing them you can get an idea on how to understand, respond and resolve any argument.

How to understand the issue?

You definitely know and understand what’s going on between you and your partner. To understand the issue you just cannot be on the single side of the coin. You will have to identify the core problem and then think over its solution. However, there are certain definite signs with the help of which you can make out that something is going wrong and a conflict is about to brew. Some of the signs are mentioned below:

  • When you start avoiding eye contact and any type of physical affection.
  • You start questioning each other.
  • It seems like you are hardly interested in talking.
  • All what you focus on are the points of your partner.

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Well, these are some simple signs and if you notice any of them it is recommended that before reacting you try to understand the situation. Getting aggressive will lead you nowhere.

Understanding your partner’s response:

This is very crucial that you try to understand how the next person with you in a relationship is responding on any conflict. Every human reacts towards an argument in a different way. However, some of the common responses are discussed here:

  • Rebelling delicately: This means your partner wants to avoid the confrontation and he or she is responding only through nagging, humming or silence.
  • Typical attacker: This response is because they have come from a background where conflicts and arguments were usual. So, they are very dominating and loud during the argument. They also take this entire way of reacting as normal.
  • Peace seeker: this type of a person will react calmly all the time and wants to end the conflict by any means as soon as possible.
  • Totally silent: This type of reaction is clear to understand. The next person will not at all react and is afraid of argument and does not want to get involved in any issue at any cost.

Resolving the issue:

Compromising with each other is the ultimate option. However, this is also not correct that both the partners just keep on compromising and do not focus on resolving the issue. With proper discussion and understanding any issue can be solved. One more important point is collaborating with each other. Partners need to understand that their happiness lies in living with each other peacefully. Giving importance to your relationship and by being immaterialist you can finally get a comfort in your bond.

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