Tips On How To Flirt And Do’s And Don’ts Of Flirting

Guys dates are meant to flirt, no matter if you are meeting your partner for the 1st time. You date someone because you like someone and intend to know more about her. Your new date partner will surely enjoy you flirting with her. By flirting you not only amuse your partner, but also make her feel comfortable. Such a step will get you close to her and unwind her thoughts.

However, there are many do’s and don’ts in flirting too.

Follow the strategy which talks about healthy flirting, which will get you close to your partner -

How to flirt on your date?

Enjoy yourself: Flirting is an art, which is beautiful if done naturally. It is necessary you enjoy whatever you say and do. Until you don’t get into the exact mood of flirting, keep the atmosphere light by talking something general.

Give total attention to your partner: It is quite important that you are attentive and excitedly participate in conversation. Do not make your partner feel that you are completely passive on your date.

Make proper eye contact: Look directly into your partner’s eye, so you can admire her features and listen to her closely. Your date will be assured that she/he is heard attentively and they can comfortably talk about their likings.

Give a smile not smirk: Definitely you are having a good time, so express it. Laugh open heartedly and just prove that you are having a wonderful time.

Listen to your partner thoroughly: Don’t ignore whatever your partner says, as she might then talk openly. Flirting in simple words indicates that you wish to spend considerable time with someone to whom you are attracted. It will help you to get connected to your new date partner.

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Give proper signals: As mentioned above, flirting is all about giving signals. These signals should be given in a subtle way and it is crucial that your partner interprets it in the right manner.

Dos of flirting:

Keep a check on your grammar: Spell check is definitely invented for a reason. Use it and do not make funny mistakes, which are good enough for distracting anyone.

Open Heatedness: Letting your date know that they are looking beautiful or sexy does not mean you are flirting with them. Try to think out of the box and creatively express your intention about her.

Understand when you need to end the conversation: Do not just keep on talking, in spite of knowing that next person might be feeling uninterested. Just stop talking, whenever you feel it is necessary to.

Don’ts of flirting:

Do not focus on yourself but your partner: Make your date feel that whatever they are trying to say or convey you is coming to you in a right way. If they will be sure that you are attentive towards them they will just start liking your company.

Do not interrogate your partner: Of course a date is all about knowing your partner. However, that does not mean you keep on asking them, annoying questions and that is where you can use the art of flirting.

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