Tips On How To Build A Healthy Relationship That Lasts


For building a relationship, it is important to first get involved in romance and the second step is to make right moves at the right time. Well, keep in mind that this is not a game of chess, which you need to play with strategies. In fact, if you are handling a relationship on the basis of strategies, you need to understand that it will not last for a long time. A relationship is neither a game nor business. You need to inculcate true feelings in it and have to carry it with trust.

Following tips can be followed for building a strong relationship:

  • At the beginning of a relationship try to keep it as balanced and as subtle as possible. This will help it grow in the right direction without giving undue stress to you or your partner.
  • Always understand that males are the leaders in a relationship. If you are a female accept the fact that your partner is going to lead you, if you are a man lead your partner in the way they want you to.
  • Do not give much importance of sex in the beginning. Take things lightly. If you are choosing it, then know about the risks that are involved in it.
  • Do not expect much from your partner just after a few dates. Give time to your partner and relationship and gradually move from being strangers to lovers.
  • Control your emotional intimacy. Stop fantasizing about your future life with your partner and focus on the present circumstances.

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How to instill trust in your relationship?

Trust is that one factor on which the entire relation is dependent. Without trust no relation can last whether it is a love relationship or a business relationship. Following points can help you to attain trust in your relationship.

Show your true feelings: In the beginning, we are usually trying hard to impress our partner. After a while, when we disclose our true preferences, it is considered that we were untruthful. Do not let this happen to you, keep your feelings and preferences transparent.

Avoid keeping secrets: Every human has its own life. There are some things you may not like to discuss with your partner or maybe you do not prefer discussing like the past sexual affairs. Well, these things may create problem in future. Thus, do not keep unwanted secrets.

Do not dominate your partner: No individual is perfect. Instead of highlighting the negative qualities of your partner enhance their positive side.

Show your partner your needs from time to time: Do not give indications for each and everything. Sometimes signals are misunderstood. It is suggested that from time to time you let your partner know clearly what you desire.

Let your partner know whenever he/she is wrong: From the beginning of your relationship, just for the sake of your partner’s happiness do not agree with them on all the points. Being true will always help you build trust.

Keep things clear between both of you: If there has been a miscommunication or if anything is misunderstood, address the issue as soon as possible and try making things clear.

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