Tips On How To Ask Someone For A Date

Making that first move in the game of dating, i.e. asking someone who is special to you for a date is really difficult. You can either talk with them directly or try giving signs. Well, whatever you do the message should be forwarded to them in a transparent manner.

Points to keep in mind before asking someone for a date:

  • Prepare yourself: Since you are planning to ask someone out, you definitely have a little idea about their tastes and preferences. Try using this information and get ready accordingly. Dress up properly and give some time to take care of your skin and hair.
  • Decide what to say: If you lack words and will just keep on staring or stammering you are definitely going to look silly. So, clearly decide how you are planning to start the conversation.

How can you propose for a date?

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  • Talk face-to-face: This is the most preferred method. By talking face to face you can see and understand how the person is reacting. You will be able to make out that very moment if he or she is positive or negative, and can go proceed accordingly.
  • Talk over the telephone: This is actually preferable for those who get nervous easily. Over the phone no one will be able to see your reaction, also if you get nervous at the last moment you can take a step back from hanging up.
  • Chat about it: This can be the best way in which you can ask for a date. No doubt, you are not able to see the person, but it is as good that way. Here you have total control over what you do, you have a lot of time to think before replying. Thus, you can actually plan and talk or can react after getting their reaction.

Below mentioned are some handy tips that you must keep in mind:

  • When you are finally asking for a date be confident about it. A little nervousness may not harm, but if you are appearing unsure about what you are asking, your potential date will just not have any interest in you.
  • Anyone would have plans for Friday and Saturday nights, also Mondays are very busy. So, consider other days of the week and ask for a date accordingly.
  • You need to take the person’s life situation into consideration before asking for a date. Don’t ask someone for a date when they are going through some personal crises.
  • Try hard not to use any passive phrases. In fact, it is suggested that you avoid asking such questions for which giving ‘no’ as an answer is quite easy and simple. Instead, try some romantic lines or try directly inviting them instead of asking them.
  • If you are making a big deal about asking for a date, it will do no good but it just adds more tension to your already tensed situation. If you are inviting someone for a date keep the invitation as casual as you can. This will make things easy for both you and your potential date.

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