Is It Safe To Have Sex Before The Age Of 18 Years?

The concept of teen sex is quite common nowadays, as you see many youngsters getting into relationships much before the age of 18 years. It is good to have knowledge about this topic, but the point here, is teen sex safe and good. You can read many articles related to teen sex and pros and cons related to the same.

Legality – In many countries teen sex is strictly banned for various reasons. In other words, the girl or boy should be more than 18 year so of age in order to indulge into any sexual activities. There are many porn websites that doesn’t allow youngsters below the specified age to become their member. So is the case, when they intend to buy sex toy or adult magazines from a store or reputed online stores.

In spite of this rule there are quite a few youngsters who indulge into such illegal sexual activities and never get caught. There are many risk associated with teen sex, as many are not aware of the basic rules for safe sex. If you indulge into a sexual activity with a partner =who is also underage as you are, then the consequences might not be so serious.

Reverse is the case, when one of the partners is above the age of 18 years, while the other is still underage. The older guy/gal can face legal charges and might also have face imprisonment. Thus you might never want to take such a risk at any point in time of your life. You might also be registered as a sex offender, something that will impact your life forever.

Why shouldn’t you get Involved?

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You can find many positive reasons that states as to why you shouldn’t get involved in teen sex. It is the time when you work on developing your personality, rather than getting involved into any such acts that will change your life altogether. Parents and school authorities play an important in explaining these teens the consequences of not getting involved into such acts.

It is always recommended to wait for the right age, as you can then enjoy it to the fullest. Guys it is not a causal thing, so you can wait until you fall in love with someone. Once you are above the specified age, you can try them with the girl whom you love the most. You wouldn’t ever want your partner to land into legal trouble, which is not good for both of you.

Different Consequences:

The consequences of teen sex can too severe and not many of them think or know about it. The thought of loosing virginity is good, provided you are above the age of 18 years. If you are not sure of whether to go ahead with this wild thought, then you can talk to someone whom your trust the most. They will surely help you in deciding things for yourself.

The percentage of sexual related issues has been on a constant rise. Teens don’t understand the relevance of safe sex and thus are always exposed to be impacted by this disease. Teen pregnancy is another concern that needs to be considered. Your mind and body is not strong enough to deliver a baby.

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