Erotic Massage Can Charge Up Your Partner

Massage is one of the best ways of getting closer to each other and enjoys feeling the warmth of your partner’s body. Erotic massage is one of the best ways to beat off the cold weather and charge up your excitement. Though not many partners reveal their fantasy and desire of getting an exciting massage, but they will not stop you when you try it.

Following are the Simple Steps for Using the Massage Techniques on your Partner:

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  • Warming Up – A warm and erotic massage will get you close to her and arouse your sexual desire. Enjoy taking her clothes off passionately. Her naked body is tempting, but holds on to your excitement. It is not the right time to enter into her excitedly. Ensure the room temperature is perfect, as she might not be comfortable if it is too hot or cold. Use the best oil for massaging her delicate and beautiful body. You can gently warm the oil, but ensure that it is not too hot as it might burn her skin. Check the temperature of the oil, before you apply it on her body.
  • Make Her Comfortable – Guys, don’t directly jump into sexual act, instead charge her physically. Body massage helps you in relaxing her mind, body, and takes off stress away from her. So make her comfortable and then begin with the act. Gently run your fingers all over the body. Don’t exert too much pressure as it might hurt her. Spend as much time as possible, without rushing towards the final act. Find the spot that will excite her and massage that particular area. Don’t merely concentrate on one particular area rather run your fingers and hand all over. You can ask your partner to lie on her back and passionately massage her.
  • Use Proper Oil – Ensure to make use of the best oil that will create magic on her body. It is necessary to use the right quantity of oil. Pour a table spoon of oil on her body and start massaging her in all angels. Before pouring it on her body, you can gently rub the oil on your palm. Then gently massage it all over her body and create a magical sensation all over her body. Once you start massaging it over her body, she will feel more relaxed and will also let you know about the same. Take a break in between, as you might tire your hands.
  • The Procedure – There are several techniques to massage her body. You have to start it gently and it is necessary that you take care of the movements as well. You can skim your fingertips slightly over her body, circle your palms round and round, and massage her body with your hands. Whatever technique you opt for, it will surely create friction and charge her up. While massaging don’t forget to communicate with her. Choose a topic that will relax her further and help her to open up her heart frankly.

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