Crazy Sexual Trivia – Facts About Intimacy

Sex is surely an exciting thing to experience and is an essential part of every one’s life. It is quite difficult to find someone who is not tempted towards intimacy. However anything that is done in excess can be termed as bad for your health. There are many sexual trivia that has surprised people all over the world. The crazy acts are beyond imaginations, but they are true. You can easily find a list of them on various websites.

Some of the interesting sexual trivia are as follows-

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  • You would be amazed to know that your nose might swell, after you have an intimacy. Genitals and breasts are the other areas that commonly swell during intercourse. This area is made up of the same erectile tissues, as the penis is.
  • Apart from human beings, cheetahs, goats, hyenas, and others also enjoy indulging into oral sex. They also enjoy going down there and exciting their partners.
  • Men who have 2 penises are known to be suffering from a condition known as diphallia. In the year 1609, a doctor named Jacob Wicker in Bologna reported about a corpse that had 2 penises. Such a condition is very rare and only 100 cases have been reported till date.
  • This information will surely astonish you. The sperm of a mouse is much longer than the sperms of an elephant. Guys it tells you that never judge a book from its cover.
  • Bear, dogs, and others mammals have bone insider their penis. Men on the other hand have none.
  • Everyone knows about the sex icon Marilyn Monroe. Despite of having 3 husbands and a long list of famous lovers, she achieved her 1st orgasm just before her death.
  • The clitoris has a shape of a wishbone and is not more than 3 -412 inches in length.
  • In the year 1899, the then President of France, Francois Faure died while receiving oral stimulation from his partner. His partner was rushed to hospital as she suffered from trauma induced on lockjaw. Here, she was pried from the manhood that was passed on by the President.
  • It has been proved that male honeybees known as drones die immediately after having sex. In other words they can intimate only once in their lifespan. After mating, the penis and the related abdomen tissues are ripped off from their body.
  • This is another interesting fact about the King Fatefehi Paulah, who belonged to the Kingdom of Tonga. It is believed that he never slept with the same twice and in total he deflowered around 37,800 women during his lifetime.
  • As per a research work conducted by Johnson and Johnson, men can on an average continue with penetration for around about 7.3 minutes. This research was conducted on around 1,587 couples.
  • In Indonesia, masturbation is offence. There are penalized by decapitation.
  • Female bedbug doesn’t have any sexual opening, which means that they cannot indulge into sexual activities. Male bugs pierce their partner with his hypodermic genitalia, so as to ejaculate their sperms into their body.

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