Easing The Discomfort Of Sexual Intercourse

Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse is quite common in women. The reasons for such pains might vary from one woman to another. If your partner finds it difficult to reach orgasms and experiences pain every time you have sex, then it is high time to find a solution to this issue or consult your family physician.

Causes for Sexual Pain in Women

Many women experience pain during sexual intercourse if they are virgins. This is due to the hymen being firm, which in turn restricts the penis to enter into the vagina. Here is where men might want to thoroughly arouse their partners, so that they are properly lubricated and can help men to easily penetrate them better.

Virgins are aware that their first time is going to be painful. She is mentally prepared for it and when the time comes for her partner to penetrate, she might unwillingly clench her vaginal muscles and get nervous.

Men in such situations might want to indulge in some foreplay. You can begin by fingering her and allowing her to open up to you. The more she is lubricated, the better it is for you to penetrate her fully.

Another cause of pain during sexual intercourse might be due to vaginal infections. Vaginal infections can be easily treated with the help of the right medications.

Emotional Baggage Can Also Cause Pain

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If your partner has had a traumatised relationship in the past, she might still be carrying the emotional baggage of the relationship that might prevent her from enjoying sex with you. This is a sensitive issue and you might want to tread carefully on the topic with her.

Sit down and talk it out with her. Provide her your unconditionally support and keep telling her how much you love her. Try to find out what hurts her the most and comfort her during her emotional times. If necessary, you can even attend counselling sessions together and help overcome this barrier in your relationship.

Patience is a Virtue in Any Relationships

Every woman is not the same. One woman can reach orgasm quickly while some might need atleast half an hour to experience their first orgasm. Men need to be patient and try every possible trick on their sleeves to fully arouse their partner so that they can reach their climax.

You can begin by playing with her hair, cuddling her and kissing her. Indulge in a bit of foreplay and touch her erotic zones. You can plan out a romantic evening with her and take her away to some exotic locations.

Learn about every intricate detail about her body. What pleasures her and what not. Take your time learning about her body. She will willingly return the favor once she reaches her climax. Make use of lubricants such as petroleum jelly to lubricate her. Sex toys might also be able to do the trick.

You can even try out different sex positions to see whether it can alleviate her pain. Put her on top of you so that instead of you thrusting into her, she herself needs to accommodate you into her. In this position she might be able to completely stretch her vaginal muscles without causing discomfort to herself.

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