Why Men Are From Mars And Women From Venus?

It is a common notion that men are from mars and women are from Venus. This version is quite true when it is related to lovemaking ideas and attitudes. Both men and women are created differently and their resistance capacity varies from each other. Irrespective of other factors, they both definitely differ when it comes to sexually satisfying each other. The variances are quite interesting and sometimes necessary to know about it.

Time to be satisfied – When compared to men, women take a longer time to reach orgasm. You will be glad to know that they take approximately 20 minutes to reach climax, which is surely not the case with men as they are done within 5-6 minutes. About 44 percent of men claim to have satisfied their partners, whenever they had intimacy.

On the other hand, only 22 percent of women claim to get sexually satisfied during intercourse. The number talks a lot about the discrepancy. Men have a simple path to reach orgasm, which is quite different in case of women. In fact they need more time, pressure, and passion to reach the final goal.

Emotional Requirement – women have higher expectations than men, no matter on the bed or elsewhere. Her excitement and stimulation doubles up, whenever she is approached emotionally. Men don’t have such a requirement, unless they are performing the act with their partner.

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Such a bonding is designed to release hormones, which is something that is rejoiced in a long term relationship. They are definitely a matter of much importance, in case of one night stand or causal relationship. Women expect their partners to pamper them with passion and not just concentrate on the penetrating aspect.

Definition of Sex – For men, sex is something that is quite similar to carnal. They have a higher sex appetite, when compared to women. It is because of this reason why they are considered to be most vulnerable creatures of God. Initially, they are more concerned about satisfying their sexual desire and not interested in building up relationships. All they are concerned about is helping women in reaching orgasm. They have not much emotional strings attached to this session.

Well it doesn’t mean that they don’t have emotional needs, but it is the priority that differs on the bed. The reverse is the case with women, as they prefer to get emotionally connected first, before getting sexually stimulated. They love to talk and get comfortable rather than directly getting into the act. Men have a single tracked mind that only talks about sex and nothing else.

Sensational Parts – Both men and women get sexually excited by different things. What turns on men, doesn’t impact women at all. You can visit her place and gift her packet of chocolates or a bottle of her favorite wine. You can also stay at her place overnight. In this way, you get a good chance to spend time with her and sexually get activated. Women prefer passion in their relationship.

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