Think Creatively For Enjoying Public Sex

Guys you surely would have thought, at least once of enjoying sex with her in public. If you just cannot hold back your desire to explore her delicate and electrifying body, while talking a walk with her a park, then do it when there are no people around you. Even she would enjoy you caressing her in the green meadows. A beautiful and sexy looking partner besides you and the breeze so cool, you’ll find it hard to resist your sexual temptation.

Just the thought of sex outdoors turns-on many couples. It has lots of excitement and the fear of been caught adds more fun to the game. You might be out for shopping, and you find no one in the parking lot, your mind runs faster than light and starts thinking of naughty endurances.

Beach, parks, and gardens are some of the public places where you sometimes find no one around you. Don’t ever try to get sexually involved when you are at a place where there is a risk of being caught. You surely don’t want to face the embarrassment and make a lame excuse to evade such a situation.

Start Small:

There is a lot of stimulation and fun involved when you start slow and with small acts. You surely cannot strip your partner completely, as you both are in public. If there is a place that might be safe for performing oral and hand jobs, then try to enjoy it. You can also keep an eye on the passer-by and stop immediately when you spot one. There are many such places where you can enjoy such an act.

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On a Grass:

When you are in open with her, don’t plunge into the act by taking off her clothes completely. Remember you are outside and there is always a chance of been caught. Easy access clothes will make this task simple and quick. You need to be very careful about the position, as you can try on some quickies.

When you are hiding along with her in bushes or behind a tree, then quickly think of a position that will not be time consuming. You can make her lie flat on the ground and enter into her deep. Ensure that you have enough space for comfortably performing it.

If she is not happy dirtying her clothes, then you kneel down on the ground and allow her legs to wrap around your waist to make swift movements. In this way, you can directly stimulate her G-spot and climax together.

Make Use of the Seat:

The garden or park has seating couches, so why not make the best use of it. Be aware that no one notices you or interrupts when you are busy with the act. Firstly find a seat, tree stump, or a chair and sit on it comfortably. Then let her sit on your lap and ask her bend slightly. Once you both are comfortable, you can start moving in and out of her vagina. If anyone passes by, they will assume that she is just sitting on your lap.

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