Surprise Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around and you need to quickly think of something impressive to make her feel special and adorable. Gifts and expensive diamonds are a usual trend, though an easy way of pampering her. Instead, why not try something different and extraordinary this year. Plan to spend the whole day with her and make everything exclusive for her.

You can make your night as fun filled and erotic, as your day has been. Wondering how? Read more and find out simple, yet effective ways of celebrating this day with her.

Treat Her Like a Princess:

On a usual day, you hardly get time to admire and appreciate her efforts to keep you happy. Why not thank her on this special day, in an extraordinary way. They are more relaxed and beautiful, under the shower or in the tub. Get up early and decorate your bathroom and tub, marvelously. Light scented candles, decorate the tub with rose petals, and make it more appealing.

Gently lift her up and get her inside your bathroom. Of course she will be surprised and speechless looking at the preparation. Slowly undress her and place her inside the tub. Don’t forget to play her favorite music that will relax both of you. Untie her hair and gently massage her back. Who wouldn’t love to be pampered in such a surprising manner? Foreplay in water is something that you don’t often indulge into. Make a move as she wishes or expects you to.

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Massage Her:

She must be tired of her everyday work and wants to relax at least for a day. Though she doesn’t tell you, but secretly she wants someone who can take care of desires. Who else can be better than you for this task? Lately, you didn’t have enough time for her, so keep away your work on this special occasion.

Surprise her by buying scented oil that will relax her mood and sooth her aching muscles. Start from her back and then let your hands move downwards. Don’t be in a hurry, as you will be fulfilling her age old desire. This time is a good investment, as you are preparing her for a rocking play afterwards. This is the best time for you to let her how much you love her and would want to spend entire life with her.

Treat Her:

After a sensual massage, it is time to get her in bedroom. You guys indeed had a good time with each other in the bathroom and now head to the real performance. Decorate her body with strawberries, raspberries, melon, honey, and chocolate. You can eat it passionately one after the other. Don’t hurt her and instead make an erotic move to arouse her.

What else can she ask for on this day, when have planned a perfect one for her. Don’t forget to feed her as well, as she must be hungry. Licking honey or chocolate from her body will be a sensational move, and it will make her moan in excitement.

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