Role Play - Enjoy The Company Of Your Partner In Different Ways

If you have been thinking of adding more excitement to your routine sex life, then try role play. She might love you more, if you are dressed differently. Both men and women prefer varieties in bedroom, especially when they intend to add more fun to it. You can dress up like a pizza boy, postman, or a school teacher.

Men in uniform look handsome and exhibit strong and appealing sexuality. She could be attracted to such men, so why not take advantage of it. Excite her by getting into your character she loves admiring the most. There is nothing wrong in trying it, as it will add excitement and amusement to your intimacy.

Act as a Teacher:

Why don’t you try to take undue advantage of your partner, who is one of the most sexy and beautiful student of your class. Ask her to dress up like a high school student that reveals her beautiful curves and features. You will admire her throughout the session and want to try something naughty.

So invite her into your staff room, when all the teachers have left for the day. You can script a scenario, which is wild and romantic. Build up the sexual pressure, by gently touching all her sensitive areas. She might not deny your sexual favor, as she is also enjoying it. Slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the scene. The fun of the game is that you try to be slow, confident, and firm as you definitely don’t want to upset the student.

Treat your Patient:

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You are a handsome doctor, who can easily attracted women of any age. Your partner is a sexy patient who visits you frequently. She makes all erotic moves to allure and tempt you. Initially you might try to resist her, but her big breast and other features are extremely attractive. Unknowingly your hands move towards her and start playing with her.

In other scenario, you may have a thing for one of your nurses and are looking for an opportunity to get laid. Once all the staff has left for home, you ask her to stay back and call her in the operation room to get kinky. You can enact this role with different concepts and try them everyday. By adding suspense, excitement, and pleasure you can make every session special and unforgettable.

Act as a Strict Cop:

You are a cop, who has just caught a young woman who was trying to shoplift or may be broke the law. She is ready to do anything to please you, as she doesn’t want to be imprisoned. You can enjoy viewing her stripping her clothes one after the other. Find a place where you can put your tools into her vagina.

The excitement of compensating a law-breaker will increase your confidence and boost your sexual performance. You have a partner who is willing to anything that you might have thought of doing till date.


Either you or your partner can act as a stripper, whose job is to entertain the client. A stripper dancing and stripping her clothes will surely arouse your sexual instinct. Tune in the music that will set the mood right and encourage her to perform better.

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