Prepare Her For Second Round Of Excitement

Common guys it happens. You are charged up and excited to perform something new, but your manhood lets you down. Always make sure that you make her reach orgasm first. This will ensure that she moist down there, which will reduce the fiction. If you are first to ejaculate, then never turnaround and go to sleep. You need to ensure that she is satisfied and if not, perform and make her happy.

She doesn’t mind if you have peaked too soon. However, she will not like you ignoring her sexual desires, for a simple fact that you have reached your final destination.

Go Down There:

There are many women, who reach orgasm through oral stimulation. If you are done with your performance, then head towards south. Play with her sensitive organs, until she reaches the threshold point. Enjoy listening to her moaning, which increases with your perfection of stimulating her.

Create a magic there, with your fingers. Your wet tongue will create an ecstatic movement for her and will make her breathless. After penetration, if you feel your partner is nearing the best moment, and then finish it through oral sex. A spoon position is best, wherein you can reach her clitoris and massage her there.

Use a Prop:

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By learning the art of controlling the rhythm and momentum of making love, you can enjoy the game till the end. You might have noticed that your asset is still rock hard, even after ejaculation. In such a case, pause for sometime, since your partner is yet to come and start the act again. This will ensure you enjoy sex again, as much as she does. She will love to see her man so aroused and ejaculating one after the other.

The time in between can be used to change your condom, and then get back straight into the action. Let her control the speed and momentum this time, so that you both can reach the climax together. In case, you are leading the race, then wait till your erection slightly fades away. Once done, you can then get back into the action and satisfy her, may be by changing the position.

Sex Toys:

Sex toys have become very common nowadays, as couples prefer using it for adding the extra fun to their sexual activities. Before beginning the act, ensure that the toy is kept somewhere not far from your reach. If you have reached your climax, then seek the help of this vibrator. It knows its job better. All you need to do is keep it near her clitoris and see her get the desired pleasure.

This will give you enough time to gather all your energy back. When she is excited enough, enter into her vagina and double her climax.

Prepare her for the Second Round:

It is great that you both are done with your first round of physical intimacy, but just don’t stop here. You can prepare her for the second one, which can be more exciting than the first session. When you both are relaxing and preparing your round two, joyfully play with each other’s bodies and get charged up for more action. When you are excited, start slowly and passionately. Even she will enjoy getting orgasm for the second time and will be emotionally involved in the game.

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