Know More About Her Fantasies

You might have heard your friend or colleague talking about his or her fantasies and desires. The point here is that have you ever put an effort to understand what her deep sexual secrets. Guys, it might be more interesting and exciting, than what you would have thought till date. She also secretly desires to satisfy her sexual fantasies, though she never speaks about it quite often.

Instead of talking about your desires and expectations, you can sometime off from your schedule, just to talk about her. Take her out on a fine evening and slowly encourage her to reveal her hidden colorful secret. Guys, you will be definitely surprised and stunned to hear them. Unlike your desire, their dreams and expectations are quite practical.

Some of her top sexual desires could be one of the following mentioned:

She wants a Private Dancer:

She might want you to become a private dancer, who can seduce her with some bold and erotic moves. You might not be a dancer, but no one expects you to be a perfectionist. Guys this is one the simplest and easiest ways of seducing her. Undress yourself like how a strip dancer does, and closely check out her expressions. You’ll be amazed at what you see in her.

Make use of a dancing pole and try to move like a professional dancer. Try to be as creative as you can and add more fun to your game. While you are performing, do not let go of any chance to kiss or feel her. This will add more fun and excitement to your performance.

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Record the Private Moments:

You both might have together watched porn movies and also, would have enjoyed the stars performing different sex positions. She might want to record the private moments that you both spend together in bed. Homemade recordings can be quite motivational, especially when she wants to check what exactly turns you on.

She enjoys you watching these movies, especially when she is the star of the movie. Many a times, she is not comfortable disclosing this secret. You can record the entire experience from different angles and enjoy watching them when you have time. There are many easy to use gadgets, through which you can easily record each and every moment.

She might need your help to fix the camera, so all the moments can be recorded perfectly. So be a part of the game and assist her in this task.

She likes to be Dominant:

It is quite known fact that women love men who are physically strong and could take full control of the situation in a bedroom. She also fantasizes to lead the race and want to dominate her partner on bed. Don’t stop her from doing so, as you will have a great time with her. Allow her to blindfold you and enjoy the fun of the game. You can relax and allow her to ride you.

The best way to know about her desires is by talking to her. Plan a day, when both of you will be happy to execute her desire. This will enhance your sexual life like never before.

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