Interesting Things That Can Excite A Naked Woman

Guys don’t confine your thoughts about sex, by only thinking about penetration. Her naked body is like an open book, where you can write your sexual fantasies in a different style. Instead of being on single track, you can think something creative that will sexually arouse you.

Below are a few ideas that will help you to erotically enjoy intimacy with her –

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  • Missionary Position – In a missionary position, she lies on her back, spreading her legs widely. It is an invitation to you to enter into her deep private part. You can bring in a variation to this usual position. Tie her ankles together with something that can hold tight and then enter into her vagina. Such a change will immensely stimulate her clitoris and will give her maximum satisfaction.
  • Sensitively Tease Her – Men take less time to get stimulated, which is definitely not the case with her. To arouse, she needs at least 10 minutes of foreplay, which includes kissing, caressing, and pampering. You can do activities that will build up sexual tension. Passionately kiss her radiant and beautiful body and begin with the action when she is charged up.
  • Decorate Her Body – You could spread across her body liquid chocolate and cream and spend time licking passionately. You can use your fingers to tickle her sensitive parts. However use a plastic sheet, as it might mess the place.
  • Ring Finger – You can stimulate her sensitive clitoris by using your pointer finger or thumb. Start fingering her gently and then build up the pressure by rubbing it with your pinky finger. When she is wet, you can lift her pelvis and put in your middle or pointer finger. Such variations will stimulate her erotically.
  • Combine Hot and Cold – Temperature can bring in enough variations in your sexual mood. You can suck her nipples, until it becomes hard. Then cool the temperature by blowing on it. This will surely excite her and amuse her sexual instincts. You can take the help of a hot towel or ice cubes to bring in the variations.
  • Use Vibration Toy – add spice to your sexual session by using a sex toy or vibration. Mini-vibes and cock-rings are some of the commonly preferred sex toys that are much loved by couples. There are quite a few women, who cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone. You can easily satisfy their desires by using this toy.
  • Continue with the Act - Unlike men, women can enjoy multiple orgasms. If she has achieved one, then don’t stop. After she reaches climax, wait for a couple of minutes. Then you can start all over again and create the same kind of pressure that will excite her and arouse her one more time.
  • Make the act Sweet – Buy her some tasty and mouthwatering candies and slip it on her. Then slowly eat it one after the other. Ensure to tickle her sensitive part.
  • Variations in Positions – Add fun to your act by trying different positions and penetrating into her from different angles. If she is not comfortable then slip in a pillow and ensure that you stimulate her clitoris properly.
  • Spoon Her – Don’t sleep off after having a pleasurable session. Instead pull her close to you and let her head rest on your shoulder. Ensure that she comfortably drapes one of her legs over you. This relaxing moment will certainly get her close to you and will create an urge to come to you again.

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