Interesting Facts About Sperms

Intimacy is such a wide topic that you might need days to gather necessary information about it. Since ages men had different ideas about the size of their manhood and wondered the best way to satisfy their female partners. No matter whatever your height might be, there are quite important things that will help you to enjoy sex to the maximum.

It is equally important to know about sperms and their importance. Not many men are aware of the impact of lower sperm counts. With the help of modern and advanced medical treatments, any shortcomings related to sperms can be easily overpowered.

You can read this article to learn some interesting facts about sperms:

This is one of the most interesting facts that will surely impress you. Your semen contains only 10 percent of sperm. The rest 90 percent consist of enzymes, calcium, protein, vitamin C, sodium, citric acid, sodium, and fructose sugar. It also has a proportionate percentage of Mizone.

Many women complain that the taste of semen is not good, while for some it tastes odd. The fact is that there is nothing much that can be done for changing the taste of the semen. There are some people who believe that certain fruits like kiwi, celery, pineapple, watermelon, and many others can make it taste lighter.

There is definitely no scientific proof to support this base. The only way to confirm this notation is by convincing your partner to try it. However, ask her to do so, only if she is comfortable about it. On the other hand, beer, coffee, and other drinks can make it taste very strong and bitter. Sea water fish and meat might make give it a buttery taste. You can also try some flavored lube and deep throat spray that might may it taste less bitter.

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Sperm count and production mainly depends upon various health factors. It is believed that a healthy body can produce approximately 70 -150 million sperms in a single day. However, when you ejaculate, there is a possibility that you might lose about 3 times of the total sperms produced. It is because of this reason why men feel tired after they have sex with their partners.

A healthy sperm can stay inside a woman’s body for as long as 5 days, then it dies.

For conception it is necessary that both male and female sperms combine together. When compared to a male sperm, female sperms are slow, but they are quite strong. On the other hand, male sperm are very fast, but are comparatively weaker.

Semen released during ejaculation is about one teaspoon. In case of men of smaller height nearly 200-500 millions of semen is ejaculated on a regular basis.

The male sperm when ejaculated can be spread across a distance of 7 -10 inches. The worlds highest recorded for ejaculation was 18 feet.

This article would have surely provided you with some interesting facts and information about semen counts.

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