How Can You Help Her Reach Orgasm?

An intimacy should always have two winners, wherein both the partners enjoy climax at the same time or may be one after the other. In case where one is absolutely satisfied and other is no way closer to climax, then it is known as incomplete sex. You might need to put in more efforts and help her in reaching the orgasm. Remember she beats you biologically and thus needs more time to reach orgasms.

Both men and women go through the post orgasm resolution phase, and yet experience it differently. In this phase, you get enough time to relax your body. Women usually need more time to calm down as compared to men. In men this phase is known as refractory period where their body gets stimulated.

Tell them that you Care for Her:

She always loves when you pamper her with care and affection. They love partners who help them in reaching orgasm and enjoy sex. Remember, women prefer emotional pleasure as well. The more you make them comfortable, better will be your relationship with her. So take enough time to stimulate her clitoris, which will excite her.

It is not a race, so don’t rush towards climaxing, without thinking about her. Explore her beautiful parts and take time to pamper them. She loves when her partner, enjoys playing with her curves and other sensitive body parts. Such acts will arouse her and the excitement prepares her for your next move.

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When you pamper her clitoris, she feels all the more secured, desired, and loved. These acts are worth trying, so don’t commit a mistake of overlooking them.

They need more Time:

Although they don’t tell you, but they need more time to achieve orgasm. Men might ejaculate within 5-10 minutes, but this is surely not the case with women. They are never happy to be around men, who are always in an urgency to finish the act and get back to their work. If you are one of them, who have been doing it until now, then it is the time to change.

The more time you spend with her in bed, better will be your understanding about her sexual desires and expectations. Stimulate her sensitive parts and give her enough time to get steamed up, as this will add more fun and excitement to the game.

Give them the Sense of Achievement:

You need to give her a sense of achievement that will always attract her towards you. If you have reached the final stage during the act, then take time and help her get there too. You can excel this art, with practice and experience.

There are innumerable resources, books, and DVDs that help you in understanding the techniques for getting maximum pleasure with your partner in bedroom. An in-depth knowledge about her anatomy will help you perform better. You can read them alone or while you are with her. Talk about each other’s desire and execute them whenever possible. This will allow you to spend time learning different ways to excite her.

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