Give Her Sexual Pleasure In 3 Different Ways

Women are God’s wonderful creation. Her sex desires and expectations are quite unique and it needs special attention. Sometimes men say and do things that are quite annoying for them, and this usually happens inside the bedroom. Being confident is good, but over-confidence might ruin the game. Intimacy is not a war, where you have to prove your capability.

Don’t be a solo performer, where you only concentrate on satisfying your sexual desires. Ensure that she is also happy with you and your performance. Many men forget this basic rule of enjoying a healthy and satisfactory sexual life. Instead of trying something wrong on bed, you can do things that will please her.


Female anatomy is very complex and sometimes difficult to be understood. Oral and anal sex has relevance in pleasing her. Few women can reach orgasm through oral sex, while others might need a combination of both. Do everything that pleases her, instead of merely thinking about satisfying your desires.

Know more about her G-spot and clitoris, as it is the easiest ways of exciting her. Learn spotting it, as it is one of the important thing to excite her. All her curves and sensitive parts need to be dealt separately. Her vagina is normally wet, but don’t blame her if it is not. May be she has an issue there and dealing with such an issue is not an impossible task. Take the help of lubricants. You will be surprised by its advantages. She will be more comfortable and will enjoy performing different acts with you.

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Talk to her:

If there is a problem, then talk to her. Many of them hardly understand the anatomy of their body, thus don’t know the facts of sexual awakening. You just don’t want this to ruin your sexual relationship with her. After all she is the one with whom you want to enjoy this act each time you are excited. Unlike men who are comfortable with their genitals at an early age, women are not too open about theirs.

Women usually reach their sexual peak, anytime after the age of 40s. You can surely change her attitude, by talking and comforting her. Take time to find out what her desires are and work on fulfilling them for her. Ask her questions, sensitively so she could tell you what excites her in bed.

Comfort Her:

She is always anxious when it comes to bedroom performance. This feeling is high when she is indulging into the act, with someone for the 1st time. More than anything they are conscious about their own bare bodies. They are more worried about how they look without clothes and whether you like every inch of what you see.

She might not be able to completely enjoy your performance, unless you put an effort to soothe her. You’ll need to tell her that she is beautiful and you enjoy her company for various reasons. You can do it while feeling her body and enjoying pampering all of it. This will surely increase her confidence in you and of course on herself as well.

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