Explore A Whole New World When You Are With Her For The 1st Time

Getting into bed with a woman for the 1st time is exciting and challenging. You have been waiting for this night your whole life, and thus try not to commit mistakes that are commonly done by others. It is necessary to control your excitement, as some end up saying or doing something that they are not expected. Guys, you have really worked hard for this day, so don’t ruin it by taking silly steps.

Take Time to Understand her:

You might have rehearsed thousand and one times about the things that you would want to do, in order to impress your date. The moment you are alone with her in the bedroom, you forget everything. Every girl is different, so you cannot try one particular thing or style on all of them. Don’t force her directly into the act, as she might expect sometime private with you. She wants to relax and want to know more about you.

Make Slow Moves:

It is necessary to get connected to her 1st, rather than only concentrating on sex. She is definitely not an object, who will not react to any of your moves. It might be the 1st time for her as well, so she needs time. Read her hints and understand what she expects out of you. If you have dated her maybe couple of times earlier, then wait and check as what she wants to do next. It is suggested that you never conclude anything all by yourself.

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Of course, you want to have sex with her and even she knows the fact, but don’t force her into or make a direct move that might ruin the whole game. Once she has agreed to have intimacy with you and she will, all she needs is some time. Enjoy undressing her and exploring her bare body. Don’t stop yourself from kissing her with all the passion you have in you, as it lets her know how much you enjoying her company.

Pamper Her:

She will like you to play with her sensational parts, stroke her back, massage her busts, and rub your hands between her thighs. A quality time is what she expects you to spend with her, but don’t keep a timer and start your count down. You might be kissing her, but back in your mind, all you are thinking about entering into her.

She is very smart and can read your mind clearly. Don’t take a risk of letting her expectations. Rather enjoy discovering her gorgeous body. Take enough instances to stimulate her, before you enter your pride into her vagina. Pamper her clitoris, as it is the gateway for your excitement.

Kiss Her Down There:

Your partner expects you to sensually pamper her vagina, as it excites her. Once you have discovered her upper body, it’s time to get down there. Your tongue inside her vagina can give her mind-blowing experience. She will definitely guide you while you are discovering her super sensitive part. You’ll notice that her clitoris and vagina are equally beautiful. Fingering is another way of exciting her clitoris and it arouses her. Many guys, who are performing this act for the 1st time, often miss on these things, as they want concentrate on only one thing, penetrating her.

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