Delay Penetration And Make Your Sex More Enjoyable

Penetration is something that guys mainly concentrate on when they are in the bedroom with their girl. It is natural to think about it, but don’t make a mistake of doing it too fast. Such a step might be abrupt and can turn her off.

Following are the Reasons as to why you should wait

Delay your Penetration – Instead of thinking of entering into her, you can patiently enjoy every moment you spend with her in the bedroom. Feel her naked body and arouse her by touching her sensitive areas. She expects you to explore her body and passionately kiss it. For some men, controlling the urge of penetration can be quite a challenging task. Women expect their men to be gentle with their approach and arouse her, before getting into the final act. For men, on the other hand it is nothing but a torture.

No doubt, it is difficult to hold their physical and mental urge, when they see their girl lying naked on the bed. It is quite difficult to hold them back, especially when they see her making sexy movements and excitedly moaning. You would rather die than holding back your desire or thinking the ways to excite her 1st.

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In such a situation, men merely fix their eyes on the center point, mentally preparing their mind to excite their desire. Such is the temptation that they don’t mind how you look on the bed. They start fantasizing different ways of entering into this magical place without bothering much about her expectations. They don’t mind pleasing her, as long as they can enter into this gateway.

It doesn’t make sense in delaying your urge to enter her, but make an effort to understand her desires first. Don’t hesitate to express your desires, as she will not mind satisfying them. It is better to express your feelings rather than messing up things in the bedroom. By acknowledging your urge, you can penetrate deep into her vagina.

How to make it Possible: Thought difficult, it is still possible to control the urge of penetration. Such a thing might sound impossible to you, but in reality it is not. Charge her through foreplay. It is of no use to hurry with such a thing and give her enough time to get physically excited. She is definitely not going to vanish into thin air. Her sexual involvement will surely take you to another world of ecstasy altogether.

The Best Alternative: You can never get over the feeling of entering into her, unless you keep your mind busy elsewhere. The best thing is to do crunches and energize your mind and body for the act. Oral sex is another mind blowing activity that will excite both of you. So, get involved in these acts and enjoy each and every session you indulge with her on the bed. Don’t let your mind run towards the idea of entering, rather think the best ways of executing whatever you are doing. Foreplay also rocks, as penetration does. Once she is physically aroused, you can fulfill her wish of satisfying your desire of penetration.

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