Convince Your Partner To Record Your Intimate Moments

Homemade porn tapes are nowadays quite popular. Couples with mutual agreement, now enjoy recording their intimate moments and view it at leisure. Such tapes are not at available for sale or are not supposed to be shared with anyone. It takes courage for the couples to decide tape their intimate moments.

Following are a few tips to record your private tape:

Talk to her – Undoubtedly recording the tape is an exciting idea, but talk to her before you plan things out. She might not be convinced initially, but you can certainly make an effort to convince her. Instead of concluding things, you can check her concern. Quite a few don’t like themselves to be recorded, while others are not happy with the thought of capturing their private moments.

It is quite natural to be unacceptable, initially. However, you can understand her fear and try to work on it. Let her know that sex tape is something that you don’t intend to use for any wrong purposes. Instead of using a high end camera you can make use of your handset camera. She might say no, but don’t give up trying. You can use the old technique of buttering and pampering her, until she says yes.

Trust - She might have thousands of valid reasons to say no to your wild desire of recording the intimacy. Of course no one wants to end up in a mess, especially when they are not sure of the relationship. There are innumerable websites that pay well for such porn recordings.

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With no trust in the relationship, she will definitely not agree to record the scene. It is your responsibility to build up trust, which is required for any relationship. Building up trust is necessary for strengthening the relationship. It means you assure that you will do nothing to hurt her in the future.

Body Issues – many women are not comfortable viewing their bare body. They are not secure about many things, especially when it is related to their looks and body. This can be one of the prominent reasons for denying the proposal. You can help her in building confidence and assure her that she has always been beautiful.

Ease her While Recording – She might not be very comfortable performing the act, when the tape or the handset is recording the scene. She might act as a stranger and will not be able to concentrate on the act. It is thus necessary that you ease her and comfort her, so she can open herself in front of you. Start recording the oral sex and then move on gradually.

It would be great, if she is comfortable with the whole thing. Let the tape record all the movements rather than just concentrating on the climax part. This will comfort her and give her a feel of being secured. Once you are done with the act, you can watch the tape together. Instead of storing the recording, you can delete the tape together.

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