Vibrator Was Designed To Cure Female Hysteria

Sex toy and vibrators have been used since ages and was successfully satisfying both men and women. In those days, people though owned and used it, never revealed the secret. It was against their dignity and didn’t like to talk about it. Today manufacturers have reworked on the design and have taken care of the quality of the product.

Vibrators stimulate all your sexual organs and excite you to the core. The 1st ever vibrator weighed around 40 pounds and required more than one person to use it. The modern device overpowers all these negative aspects and can be operated easily. Today, couples want to own it to add more spice to their sexual desires.

How Did Vibrators Come into Existence?

You might come across many stories that are quite interesting to read. In Victorian era, men and doctors used it as a pelvic massager for treating female hysteria. It is widely used in these days, as people used to travel quite frequently from one place to other. Horny ladies would secretly visit doctors or men who would infuse them with a dosage of masturbation.

With the increase in the number of customers satisfying their female customers became a challenging task. Frequently using their fingers to masturbate become a tiring job. Doctors usually suffered from sore and painful fingers, many a times had an injured wrist as well. In order to overcome this issue, a simple and effective stimulator was designed.

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It was in the year 1869, a smart and thoughtful American doctor manipulator that could effortlessly satisfy their visitors. The doctors also didn’t have to worry about tiring their hands and fingers. It was indeed a relief for both, the patients and doctors. There after many experts unsuccessfully tried to design an innovative and effective device.

Later in the year 1880, the modern vibrator was designed. It was bulky in size and was much known for its unusual look. Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville is credited to design the first ever electromechanical vibrator to massage different muscles. It excited many women who could now achieve orgasm within fraction of seconds.

Modern Vibrators:

The sex toy market boomed and gained all more popularity in the year 1902, where retailers started selling these modern vibrators. It was in this decade, porn movies and their stunts become all more popular. Both men and women both were keen in buying such a product and erotically satisfied their sexual desire.

Later in the year 1952, these vibrators were not available for sales rather they were restricted in many parts of the United States of America. Such a rule was passed after the famous American Psychiatric Association stated that female hysteria was nothing but a myth and was not a disease.

Even today, the sales of such vibrator are considered to be illegal in the state of Alabama. In the year 1960, Jon H. Tavel designed the cordless electric vibrator that could be safely used on your body. As years passed on, many vibrators were designed to satisfy all sexual desire.

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