Use Vibrator For Creating Extra Fun In The Bedroom

Men always try to please and sexually satisfy their partners in whatever manner possible. She will certainly appreciate your efforts to make her sexually happy, but it might not be easy initially. Whatever steps you choose to satisfy her, it is necessary that you opt for the right mechanism in order to satisfy her.

You can add extra excitement in your bedroom by using a good quality vibrator. If she is comfortable using this device on her, then both of you can have a great time exploring each other’s fantasy in a different way altogether.

Following are the Guidelines to Use Vibrator on her:

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Complete Knowledge about the Device – Once you and your partner have decided to try exciting vibrator, it is necessary that you buy one from a reputed company. Before you try it on her, it is necessary that you understand how it works. You can insert the battery and check the procedure about how it can be twisted and turned. Check the buttons and other things that are required to make them work properly. Don’t directly try them on your partner, without even knowing where the buttons are, as you might hurt her sensitive part.

Explore – After gaining all the required information about the functionality of the product, it is necessary that you try in on her body. Start slowly, as your partner might be scared of using this device on her private part. Don’t turn it on and directly insert it. Instead spend time exploring her body through foreplay. This will stimulate her and excite her sexual instincts. Once she is high on excitement, then you can insert the vibrator inside her vagina. Also concentrate on her sensitive parts like breasts, naval, and other parts. You can run the vibrator all around her body in different movements. Don’t try to rush into the act, as you have the whole night to play with each other.

Sensitive Zone – once you are excited and physically prepared for the act, take the toy near to her vagina. This is the area where it has to be used the most. Begin slowly and check on the intensity of the vibrator. Too fast movements can completely destroy your excitement to use this product. Constantly check her reaction and check if she wants the speed to be increased. If she responds positively, then increase the intensity of the vibrator. It is very important that you properly stimulate that particular area, which will definitely excite her. Few women prefer to use this toy at a particular spot, as it will help them to reach orgasm.

Use it Down There – You can apply a good quality water based lubricant that will make penetration easier. This lube can be applied to the shaft of the penis, as it will make penetration easier. For better result, you can communicate with your partner and let her know the steps that need to be followed for a pleasurable sexual fun.

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