The Top Five Couples Sex Toys To Enhance Your Sexual Experience

Couples are nowadays interested in exploring better ways of enjoying sexual life and make every session as special as possible. Many prefer to use sex toys, as it can be used to satisfy the sexual requirement of both men and women. Though they are excited with the thought of using them on each other, not many are aware of the procedure to use it properly.

This article will help you to get a fair idea about using different sex toys to get maximum sexual satisfaction.

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  • Remote Controlled Sex Toys – It is one of the most important and exciting sex toys. It is a wireless toy, and tempts you to be sexually adventurous. You can easily handle your partner’s excitement and increase her anticipation. You will be surely turned on with the idea of controlling her excitement, remotely. This toy can be used in public places like restaurants, gardens, and sometimes at your workplace as well. The price of this product is affordable and you can buy them from one of the reputed companies.
  • The We-Vibe – This product was launched in the market couple of years ago and was featured in goodie bags at the Oscar ceremony. Since then it has been well on demand. This is a small and C shaped vibrator that can be inserted into her clitoris. The best part of this is that it can stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. The sexual pleasure doubles up when you wear them during intercourse, as the vibration will provide you with maximum benefit.
  • Lubricants – This is not a sex toy, but it acts like a sexual enhancer that has satisfied many couples. There are different types of lubes that are available in the market. Not all of them are as effective as the manufacturers claim it to be, but you can research and find the best product. These lubes add more sensation and reduce painful frictions. Some of them are warm, while others are designed to stimulate the most sensitive part of your partner.
  • Vibrating Cock Ring – This product has been one of the most desirable and exciting sex toys preferred by couples all over. Cock rings can be used by both men and women. It can be used in different positions, and will equally stimulate both of them. This device fits on the shaft of the manhood in such a way that it erects with the increase of blood flow. You can try them in different variations as this will add fun to the game.
  • Classic Vibe - Classic vibe is the best option for couples who are new to using the sexual toy. It has always been used by couples, who wanted to enhance their sexual intimacy. It is quite easy to use and thus gives better results. Unlike others, you can use this toy all over the body like shoulders, chest, stomach, and genitals. It is because of this feature the toy is much preferred by couples.

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