The Power Of Calcium To Improve Sexual Health

Calcium as we all now is an important mineral that helps in strengthening the teeth, heart, nerves and bones in the body. When we think about sexual health, calcium plays a very vital role here. In this article we will discuss on the fertility benefits of calcium and the rich sources of this mineral that can be included into your diet plan.

Calcium Deficiency Can Affect Your Libido Levels

Sexual issues and diseases might arise due to a variety of reasons. Men suffering from calcium deficiency might find themselves experiencing low libido levels, premature ejaculations and other sexual issues in regard to sperm and semen count and health. This deficiency occurs when there is less intake of calcium in your diet leading to the parathyroid gland to malfunction and produce excess parathyroid hormone.

Men might experience mood swings and get irritated on small things. This might lead to fights and arguments which in turn can result in breaking up of your personal relationship. Exhaustion and the inability to enjoy sexual activity are also other symptoms of calcium deficiency.

It can also lead to insulin imbalance resulting in low sperm count in men. In women, during menopause, it can lead to a drop in the estrogen levels, which can increase the risk of osteoporosis. If you suffer from such issues, you might want to consult your doctor and seek medical attention right away. They might be able to prescribe you with medications or supplements to improve your calcium intake.

Foods Rich in Calcium That Can Improve Sexual Health

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There are a lot of foods that can be included in your diet to improve your sexual health and keep sexual disorders at bay. Along with a healthy and balanced diet, you can even expose your skin to the sun and soak in the rays to help your bones absorb the calcium content in them.

Milk and other dairy products are a rich source of calcium and can be included in your everyday diet. Milk helps to prevent testicular and prostate cancer. Fish contains Omega 3 Acid that can help boost your libido levels and improve semen and sperm health. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds can be eaten raw or included in your diet.

The best sources of calcium are green leafy vegetables. These help in improving the blood circulation and the metabolism levels in the body. When the body is functioning properly, it automatically improves the functioning of the sexual organs in the body.

Calcium Supplements and Sexual Health

In addition to calcium intake in foods, you can even take them in the form of supplements. These supplements can be prescribed by your doctor or you can easily purchase them from any of the medical stores in your neighborhood.

Calcium supplements can help to improve the bone health and prevent sexual dysfunction. It can even help in improving the libido levels. It can also help improve your mental health in regard to stress and depression. It also helps to improve cardiovascular health.

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